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Episode 10 — Sent Forth from the Upper Room

Nicole Schmidt shares the Ultimate Relationship with someone.
Nicole Schmidt (left) shares the Ultimate Relationship booklet with someone during Catholic Underground, an adoration event hosted by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal while on mission with CCO in New York.

It’s amazing what we can do once we totally surrender ourselves to God. By opening ourselves up to the will of God and saying yes, He works with us to help us do extraordinary things.

When Nicole Schmidt started giving her yes to the Lord, God surprised her and helped her achieve a potential that she knew that she had, but hadn’t come to see yet. This helped her grow in confidence and her missionary heart. She recently came back from New York on a mission trip with Catholic Christian Outreach, and at the time of this episode release, is in the final weekend of Upper Room, a faith formation retreat for young people at St. Joseph’s Parish in Langley. Please pray for them and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over all the particpants and leaders!

Take a listen to our conversation with Nicole here:

“When I let God have some of the control - really all of the control - then it's actually more freeing for me.” — Nicole Schmidt

Meet Nicole Schmidt

Nicole Schmidt is a West Coast native. Having grown up spending most of her time in the woods or by the sea, she naturally enjoys all things outdoors: hiking, canoeing, swimming, and camping to name a few. She is also excessively passionate about gardening, stationary, ethical fashion, and film photography. Some of her other favourite things to do include reading, baking, painting, and writing. Nicole is currently completing her BA in Psychology and Linguistics at Simon Fraser University, and can happily say that the end is in sight (#grad2020). She aspires to one day complete her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology, a field in which she is currently employed as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Nicole grew up in a loving, Catholic family but fell away from her faith in high school. After experiencing a reconversion to the Catholic faith when she attended World Youth Day in Poland in 2016, Nicole has been growing in her identity as a missionary disciple through her involvement in youth ministry at her local Parish, as well as young adult ministry with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) on her university campus. Most recently, Nicole was a student missionary with CCO in New York City where they partnered with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal to care for the poor in body and spirit, through service in the community and evangelization. This summer Nicole has also been granted the privilege of journeying with the senior youth of her Parish (St. Joseph’s Parish, Langley, BC) as they grow in their relationships with God and in their missionary identities.


To learn more about Nicole, you can check out her blog Hearts Made for Love and take a read through her writing. Her writing has also been featured on the popular website The Catholic Woman.

Nicole is also a talented singer! Take a listen to a cover of “Speak” by Bethany Music that she did with CCO missionary and worship leader Joseph San Jose.

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