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101. Bringing Faith and Food to the Table — with Elizabeth Varga

Episode description | Listen to the episode | Meet Elizabeth Varga

Episode description

“You should love your God-given body, but you should also desire for that body to be how God desires for it to be.” Elizabeth Varga has a very special relationship to faith and food. In college, she was the one who had all the unique snacks — and now, she shares her plant-based recipes and the intersection of faith and food on her blog, “At Elizabeth’s Table”. In this episode, Elizabeth and I talk about her desire to share the good news with the people she meets, her journey on becoming a plant-based Catholic, and how food plays into our relationships with God and others.

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Meet Elizabeth Varga

Elizabeth Varga is the founder of At Elizabeth's Table, where she talks about the intersection between food and faith and shares healthy recipes. Her goal is to help Catholics discover that the food they eat is an integral part of their faith. She wants people to become the healthiest version of themselves through faith and a plant-based diet. You can almost always find Elizabeth in the kitchen, but in her free time Elizabeth enjoys running, weight lifting, and hiking, she also loves listening to podcasts and getting coffee with friends.


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