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102. Serving as a Stay-At-Home-Mom and a Recording Artist — with Whitney Maslak

Whitney Maslak, seen here with her family, balances life as a stay-at-home mom and a recording artist.

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Episode description

“In following my vocation and doing my best to focus on my family’s needs, I think God has been able to speak to me and bring out this career of being a recording artist.” Whitney Maslak was encouraged from an early age to share her musical gifts with her community. While going professional with her music wasn’t seen as a practical path, Whitney never stopped singing. Through an inspired moment in prayer, she received assurance from the Lord to pursue music, and from there, while caring for her family as a stay at home mom, she went on to release an album, working on it in her home and sharing it with the world. In this episode, Whitney and I talk about her love for music and cantoring, how Gregorian chant helped her through some challenging times, and the balance of motherhood while pursuing her music dreams.

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Meet Whitney Maslak

Based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Yellowstone National Park, Whitney Maslak is a Catholic recording artist. Her debut album, “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling,” is a collection of inspiring classic hymns accompanied by the pipe organ. Whitney hopes that this album will bring hope to those in the world who need it most. In addition to being a recording artist, Whitney is a dedicated organist and cantor at her local parish. ​She also gives private lessons in piano, guitar, and voice. She believes in spreading joy, and by teaching music, she is helping many others to discover the same joy in music.

Similarly, she adds joy and harmony to people’s lives with her angelic voice. If you’re feeling low, Whitney’s voice will bring you back from the depths. She has seen how music impacted her life, and she wants to do the same for her listeners.

Whitney and her husband, Luke, are proud parents of two beautiful boys. She homeschools her sons and aspires to raise them to be good Christian men who make the world a better place. Whitney is very grateful to be able to share the message of Christ’s hope and peace to listeners around the world.


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