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104. Conversion, Art, and Christ Found in the Least — with Rakhi McCormick

Rakhi McCormick is the owner of Rakstar Designs.

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Episode description

“I’d been searching in all different faiths. I think then it was very much an encounter with Christ in the least, with the explanation especially from this young man.” Rakhi McCormick’s journey to the Catholic faith was one of continual encounter. She was raised Hindu in a small town, and for much of her life she sought out belonging and identity. Through various points of encounter, she met Jesus in different people and experiences. Rakhi entered the Catholic Church as a young adult, and now walks with other people through a variety of ministries that she serves. In this episode, Rakhi shares her story of conversion, how she started using her art to serve God, and what it means to encounter Christ in the least.

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Meet Rakhi McCormick

A first-generation Indian-American and convert from Hinduism, Rakhi McCormick is a wife and mother who works in ministry at her home parish in Metro Detroit all while trying to keep up with her husband of 11+ years, three young children, a growing creative business, and starting random projects like a fledgling podcast (currently on hiatus) and mourning ministry. Her greatest joy is speaking light into darkness, encouraging others to discover their deepest identity as the beloved of God, and helping them uncover the beauty and gifts they possess.


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