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105. Our First Identity is Daughter of God — with Jill Simons

Jill Simons is a wife, mother, and the founder of Pink Salt Riot.

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Episode description

“The fullness of truth breeds joy, and living out of that and not allowing these lies about our identity to really percolate in our souls is something that then allows us to access that joy so much more easily.” Jill Simons shared some major truth in this episode, discussing how the Lord invited her to trust Him more and stop hurrying and worrying. Jill is a wife, mother and the owner and creative director of Pink Salt Riot, but above all she’s come to rest in the truth of her identity as God’s daughter. Through her work and ministry, Jill’s mission is to help other women recognize this identity in themselves. In this episode, Jill shares how she’s come to see her identity as God’s daughter, the story behind Pink Salt Riot, and how we can all stop hurrying and worrying, resting first in God’s love for us.

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Meet Jill Simons

Jill Simons is wife to a wonderful husband and mama to five babies – one in heaven and one on the way. She founded the Christian women’s lifestyle brand, Pink Salt Riot, in 2015 where she now serves as Creative Director and Content Creator in addition to keeping busy with speaking and podcasting. Her passion is to help Christian women embrace their true identity as daughters of God and dismantle the lies perpetuated by our culture and thoughts to find authentic freedom.


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