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107. A Look Back on Season 4 + What's Next...

About the episode

This season has truly been the most international season, complete with the 100th episode milestone and a lot of incredible stories of different feminine geniuses from (literally) across the globe! I take some time to reflect on the season that's happened and share a little bit of insight into what's next for the podcast.

Listen to the episode

Thank you's!

I am so grateful to all the women who joined me on the podcast this season! Take a listen to our conversations below. A big thank you (in order of appearance) to:

And, a big thank you to allthe ladies who contributed to the 100th episode of the podcast! A big thank you to Lorraine Abagatnan, Rosanne Bajao, Eula Chua, Louisa Florentin, Marystella Ramirez Guerra, Gabrielle Raymond, Melissa Siu-Chong, Nyasha Thandi, and Christine Tolentino. You can listen to the 100th episode here!

Last but not least, I want to thank Theresa Ambat who wrote the theme music for the podcast who also helped with editing some episodes this season, and of course to Mariel Pahayahay for her brilliant cover art.

I can't wait to be back for the next season! Until then, please keep me in your prayers and know of my prayers for you!

United in the Eucharist,


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