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Episode 16 — Living Our Best Femininity

Angela Wong (centre) speaking with some students at CCO's annual conference, Rise Up.

I met Angela Wong a few years ago when we were roommates at a CCO Vancouver student executive retreat. At that time, Angela had just moved to Vancouver to embark on a new journey as a campus missionary with CCO. A few years later, Angela has settled in on the West Coast, continuing to share the gospel with students at the University of British Columbia, sharing her own personal experiences through small group faith studies, and recently co-leading a mission to Scotland.

In our conversation for this week's episode, we talk about the importance of embracing the feminine gifts that we've been given, such as empathy and understanding, so that we can better meet people where they're at. For Angela, this is a critical part of ministry—to step out of our comfort zones to reach people in theirs.

Take a listen to this week's episode:

"Sometimes [people] need someone to sit with them and listen. They don't need advice and they don't need to be talked at, but they need someone to listen and to know there is someone on their side, in their corner, fighting for them." — Angela Wong

Meet Angela Wong

Angela Wong is a campus missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Angela moved to Kingston to complete her undergraduate degree in Biology at Queen's University. During that time, she re-discovered the importance of her Catholic faith and a personal relationship with God through the friends she encountered at the Chinese Catholic Community, Newman Centre, and CCO. Angela enjoys being in nature, bouldering and drinking black coffee. You'll find her checking out new coffee shops in whatever city she's visiting and trying to read books or play piano with whatever free time she has.


To learn more about CCO, visit them at

Also, #RUGoing? Rise Up 2019 is in Angela's home town of Toronto this year! Join me and hundreds of other young people from all over the country as we celebrate our faith through inspiring key note talks, workshops, and fellowship. Learn more: .

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