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Episode 18—Pursuing God On and Offline

Celeste Villanueva receiving Eucharistic Healing at a retreat with the Sisters of Life in spring 2018.

Social media is everywhere today and a huge part of our day to day lives. But have you ever considered the 'why' behind what you post? This was a question that Celeste Villanueva started to ask herself with her social media usage and posting. When used correctly and positively, can shed light and bring about goodness in a world that sometimes feels very negative or grim. It can also be used to lift up other people and bring joy to others, and that's what Celeste aims to do with her own content as well as that of Cursive Grace. In this episode, we talk to Celeste about intentional content on social media, the pros and cons of living in the digital age, and how we can be a light to others through our screens.

Take a listen to this week's episode:

"That's the struggle and the balance of being a Catholic creative: as much as you're trying to spread the Gospel and share Jesus with other people, how is your relationship with Jesus actually doing?" — Celeste Villanueva

Meet Celeste Villanueva

Celeste Villanueva is a Creative Industries student at Ryerson University, majoring in Media Business & Fashion Marketing. She has been incredibly lucky enough to be born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC, but considers herself even luckier to be loved by Jesus. She had her reversion during her first year of University in 2016 (thanks CCO!!), and strives to continuously share Christ’s heart with others personally, through social media, and through her co-owned Catholic blog, Cursive Grace. Passionate about photography, film, music, fashion and writing, she hopes to somehow find a way to use her gifts within these interests to bring others closer to Christ. She is committed to using her life as a means to bring God’s light and love to all places, but most especially to wherever and whoever needs it most.


You should totally check out Celeste's Instagram, which truly is an example of light and aesthetic! Follow her at @ccelestediaz.

Cursive Grace is the blog that Celeste runs with her friend and collaborator, Mariel Pahayahay. Follow them on Instagram: @cursivegrace

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