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Episode 20—Living Proof of God's Perfect Love

A shot from Camille and Mike Mendoza's wedding on July 27, 2019.

I knew Camille Mendoza back when she was Camille Reyes. Her bright smile and the caring look in her eyes told me that she was a truly genuine and loving person. Through school and church, I got to know Camille better and had the privilege of attending their wedding in July of 2019. There, the entire congregation had the opportunity to see another example of God's perfect love on earth. Camille is someone who is sure of herself and confident in her identity as a daughter of God, and this wedding was the perfect occasion to not only celebrate, but tell a story. God had been so good to her, and as she starts this new chapter of her life with her husband Mike, everything they do will always revolve around giving glory to the one who loved her first.

Take a listen as we talk about her wedding, true love, and the importance of Christ-centered relationships:

"The reason why we have some things and not others is so that we can use them and be in communion with everybody else, and be able to share what we have and receive what we don't have and be able to appreciate how different we all are but how it all works to be one." — Camille Mendoza

Meet Camille Mendoza

Camille Mendoza is a child of God, a daughter, sister, wife and expecting mom-to-be! Mike and Camille celebrated their joyful wedding day on July 27, 2019 and now currently reside in Burnaby BC. A cradle-Catholic, Camille was raised in a loving family with strong faith-based values. She experienced conversion and began to actively explore and grow her faith through her grade 7 year of catechism, and years of service to St. Matthew’s Youth Group and CFC-Youth. Upon graduating from high school, Camille learned that her experiences, gifts and talents were not meant to be kept to herself. Today, she is an avid believer that purpose is found in sharing what we’ve been given – the highs and the lows, because God created us to be together with Him and one another. Ironically, Rachel mentions in this podcast if we had ever considered mentoring others – but that’s actually what we dedicate our time to doing outside of our day jobs. Sharing that which has blessed and shaped our lives, intentionally growing and giving what we’ve received.


You can follow along with Camille and Mike's adventures by following their blog,

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