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Episode 21—Co-creating Beauty with Our Lord

a girl drawing.
Inca Siojo brings art to life through her illustrations and drawings.

When I first came across Inca Siojo's artwork and illustrations, I was really captivated by their simplicity and innocence. Something about it really captured the essence of whatever text accompanied the image, and the beauty of it made me wish that I had half as much talent as Inca did! As a member of the Communications team at the Archdiocese of Vancouver, Inca uses her talents and gifts to tell stories about God's love. Together in this episode, we talk about Inca's love of art and how it intersects with her personal faith journey and coming to trust in Him.

Take a listen to this week's episode here:

"I feel like, whenever I'm creating something, it feels like I am the essence of who God made me to be - bringing life to something and hopefully communicating the joy of the faith through each artwork or each piece that I make." — Inca Siojo

Meet Inca Siojo

Inca Siojo was born and raised in the Philippines, and grew up in a very Catholic family and culture. While prayer, Mass, and the Rosary were somewhat regular parts of her life, her faith didn’t start taking the front seat until she moved to Vancouver at the age of 19. The uneasiness of establishing roots in a new culture, and experiencing heartbreak drove her to seek the one who has always pursued her heart: Jesus. 

She has always loved illustration, movies, and music ever since she could remember. She grew up watching almost every Disney animated film, which sparked a dream in her to work for Disney or Pixar. As she prepared to graduate from SFU’s Interactive Arts and Technology program, she sensed God’s call to use her gifts in ministry and set her heart on His Kingdom.

Inca started as a designer at Focus on the Family Canada, and currently works as a digital designer in the Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Communications team. She designs and illustrates for the weekly B.C. Catholic newspaper, and other print materials, such as the Archdiocese’s Annual Report. Her desire is to bring the light and joy of Christ into her work, hopeful that those who see it will seek that joy for themselves.


In this conversation, we mentioned the Litany of Humility, a beautiful prayer to pray when seeking strength and humility from the Lord and centering ourselves back on the reason for what we do. Check it out here.

Check out some of Inca's beautiful illustrations and artwork on her Instagram, @incainks.

Here are some of my favourites of Inca's work!

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