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Episode 23 — Cultivating Good Soil for Others

Megan Turland (right) with her husband Benjamin and two adorable little ones, Monica and Xavier.

My interview with Megan Turland was very unique. We ended up recording by a conference room in a Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto. This was a particularly special place for Megan as it was the location for her very first CCO Rise Up back in 2009 - and fun fact, it will be back at Toronto this year!

I had been a fan of Megan's work for a long time ever since her blog, The Good Soil, came out. As we talked about The Good Soil, her Easter devotional Arise, and her life now as a mother and wife, I felt so honoured to share her time. Ultimately for Megan, it comes back to the simple thought of cultivating an environment for people to grow and flourish. Whether it's through her work at CCO, when she's with her friends, or when she's spending time with her children, Megan continually works to cultivate good soil.

Take a listen to the episode here:

"How can I develop rich environments for others to flourish?" — Megan Turland

Meet Megan Turland

Megan Turland resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband of almost 5 years, Benjamin, and two children. They also have one baby praying for them in heaven and one expecting to make his or her arrival this February. She has been a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach for 9 years, seeking the renewal of the world through the evangelization and leadership development of university students. She recently started a blog called The Good Soil, where she explores what it means to cultivate rich environments for herself and others to flourish.


Be sure to check out and subscribe to The Good Soil, and follow The Good Soil on Facebook and Instagram!

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