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Episode 25 — Finding What's Possible with God

Lisa Canning (centre) with her children. Though there are 7 here, her family recently welcomed a baby girl to their family!

Last fall, I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Possibility Mom herself, Lisa Canning, for this podcast. And as I mention towards the end of the interview, I was changed and inspired through it. But it wasn't your typical interview: at that time, Lisa, along with her husband Josh and 7 children (with one more on the way) were in the process of making a big move from their home in Toronto down to Florida. We had a small window of time, and we had to be creative, so we decided to take the interview into the Canning family vehicle: a 10-seater passenger van.

Through our conversation, we talked about Lisa's illustrious work on TV and the turning point that led her to start The Possibility Mom, which she now focuses on as a way to coach and mentor other moms in their pursuit of being the best mom they can be. Take a listen to Lisa's story of becoming The Possibility Mom, her important distinction of struggling versus suffering, and how she learned to surrender herself to His great plan.

"When you pair total surrender to what God wants for your life and the strategy of things like time management and smart things that our Lord has made available to us in the modern world, some pretty cool things can happen. But it requires a 'hands in the air' posture of surrender." — Lisa Canning

Meet Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning is a wife to Josh and a mother of 8 children. Lisa was the designer on a show called Marriage Under Construction, which helped to launch her design and television career and landed her roles both in front of, and behind the camera. Lisa has also worked as the art director on HGTV shows such as For Rent, The Expandables, and with the dynamic duo of Jonathan and Drew from The Property Brothers. For the past ten years, Lisa has run an interior design company, creating spaces to help moms thrive at home through strategic, family friendly design. Now, she helps moms design their lives through speaking, online coaching and courses. She is the author of the book The Possibility Mom and has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show, The Goods, and Breakfast Television. Lisa and her family currently reside in Florida.


To learn more about Lisa and The Possibility Mom, you can check her website: You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Lisa also has her own podcast now! You can listen and subscribe to The Possibility Mom Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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