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Episode 28 — God the Ultimate Designer

A tote bag designed and hand painted by Mariel Pahayahay.

I remember brimming with excitement when I saw the news that Mariel Pahayahay was going to open an online store to sell her art and handmade goods. Anyone who has seen Mariel's work will notice how simple and beautiful it is. It is such a great way to share something beautiful while also subtly evangelizing to the world.

As a young designer and artist, Mariel had big aspirations to go and design for the likes of Nike and others. All the while, as Mariel got to know the heart of God more, she began to see her art and work as a form of praise. She suddenly saw that there was more to her talents; in fact, there was an urgent call to use her gifts for the glory of the Kingdom. Together, we talk about how Mariel's art is her praise, and how we each are called to find our own unique ways to glorify God. Take a listen here:

"He wanted me to stop persecuting myself in the failures... and remember that this is His work, not mine, and that He appreciates the ugly drawings and the mess." — Mariel Pahayahay

Meet Mariel Pahayahay

Mariel Pahayahay is a Toronto-based designer, illustrator, and artist with a focus in evangelizing the world through her art. She began her journey as a creative missionary over 3 years ago, after joining Ryerson Catholics at Ryerson University in her first year as a graphic design student. Soon after, marielsfieldkit was born out of her "yes" in placing Jesus at the centre of her life.


To see some of Mariel's work, get in touch and score some of her merch for yourself, you can check out her website, and follow her on Instagram, @marielsfieldkit.

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