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Episode 29 — The Creative Pursuit of Holiness

Photographer Erin Tablizo capturing the perfect shot.

As a content creator and photographer, Erin Tablizo is no stranger to crafting the perfect shot and creating engaging content. But as Erin grew in her relationship with God, she wanted to find a way to keep her accountable in her growth while also using a medium and talent that God gave her. This is around the time that she started the popular Instagram account @praywitherin, one that you may have come across in your own travels on the Internet! Through this account and the reflections that she posts, she's seen the power of her words, especially where the glory of God is proclaimed.

In this episode, Erin talks about how she got into photography, how she finds the balance between her freelance and evangelization work, and the constant reminder that if Jesus is King, then we are His princesses. Take a listen here:

"Our words and how we talk about Christ can reach other people beyond our own campus or the people in our families and friends." — Erin Tablizo

Meet Erin Tablizo

Erin Tablizo is currently a third-year student majoring in Politics and Governance at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. She is also a freelance photographer and videographer on the side. She was born and raised Catholic and would consider having her second conversion in 2017 after taking CCO’s Discovery faith study. Since then, she has had that fire to share the Gospel through small groups such as faith studies, other ministries within the Church, and through her creative art and social media.

Erin has an instagram account, @praywitherin, which has the focus of keeping her accountable in her faith by sharing honest and true reflections on where God is working in her life through her posts that may resonate or speak to other Catholics. She started the account in 2018, two lessons into CCO’s Growth faith study, which inspired her to continually grow and pursue sainthood. She strongly believes that to evangelize effectively, we must actively grow in holiness to pursue God’s mission. Through this, she has learned that it helps her pursue holiness by spreading the faith through social media. Other than social media, she is currently an active leader in her local parish and campus ministry.


Check out some of Erin's work and photography on her website, You can also find her on Instagram, @praywitherin.

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