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Episode 3 — Reporting the Truth

Agnieszka interviews Cardinal Luis Tagle.
Agnieszka Ruck (left) interviewing Cardinal Luis Tagle, Archbishop of Manila.

Writing has always been Agnieszka’s first love. With six years of experience as the BC Catholic Newspaper’s, Agnieszka’s work can be found in the paper every week. From interviewing story subjects and writing articles, to taking photos and helping put the paper together, Agnieszka is an integral part of the BC Catholic. In fact, for the past one and a half years, she has worked as the only reporter for the paper — certainly an impressive feat!

I’ve always looked up to Agnieszka not only for her journalistic skills, but also for her ability to tell a story with such empathy, honesty, and truth. Take a listen to our conversation about faith, media, and finding the truth in our storytelling:

"You get into journalism because you love writing or you love telling stories, but what keeps you in it is that love for the people you meet and their stories and their willingness to tell them and the transformations they've been through." — Agnieszka Ruck


Meet Agnieszka Ruck

Agnieszka Ruck is a journalist, photographer, and travel addict. Her news and feature articles have been published across North America in publications including Columbia Magazine and Catholic News Service, and have received numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association and the Canadian Church Press.

She is currently the assistant editor for The B.C. Catholic newspaper (headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.), but her work has taken her as far North as Yellowknife and East as Jerusalem.

Agnieszka is motivated by stories about redemption and conversion and has been blessed to interview refugees, abuse survivors, ex-convicts, First Nations people suffering the effects of residential schools, and many others with powerful stories of desperation, hope, and second chances.

In 2018, Agnieszka married one of the world’s biggest nerds and considers it one of the best decisions she’s ever made. She and her husband love travel photography, road trips, and reading thick books by the fireside.


If you want to read the article on Larissa Healey that Agnieszka mentioned in this interview, you can find it on the BC Catholic here. It's a powerful read!

You can read much more Agnieszka's work on the BC Catholic website at

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