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Episode 31 — Meeting God in Our Life's Journey

I met Meg Hunter-Kilmer at CCO's Rise Up conference in December 2019!

Back in December 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Meg Hunter-Kilmer at CCO's annual Rise Up conference! This was totally a dream come true as I really admire Meg. I first came to learn about her and her mission after coming across this photo of her on Facebook. The accompanying caption talked about her experience entering into the convent and what it felt like to leave the convent three months later. I urge you to read through her beautiful reflection on discernment and following God's plan!

Needless to say, after coming across this post again and again on social media, I was hooked and knew that I had to meet her one day! God had a plan, and I was able to not only hear her speak at a workshop at Rise Up, but I also scored some one on one time with her to talk about her life prior to becoming a full-time missionary, what compelled her to be a 'hobo' missionary, and her amazing knowledge of saints, blesseds, and holy men and women.

Listen to our conversation here:

"I know that if the Lord gave me a home and gave me a husband and children and a community and all of these things, there would still be unsatisfied longing because what I'm longing for is Him, and that is never fully satisfied in this world." — Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Meet Meg Hunter-Kilmer

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a hobo missionary. After 2 theology degrees from Notre Dame and 5 years as a high school religion teacher, she quit her job in 2012 to live out of her car and preach the Gospel to anyone who would listen. 50 states and 25 countries later, this seems to have been a less ridiculous decision than she initially thought. She blogs at and at, though she's much more prolific on Instagram and Facebook.


You can learn more about Meg Hunter-Kilmer at the links that she mentions in her bio above, and also by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This episode, though it comes out now, was recorded in person at Rise Up 2019 in Toronto.

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