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Episode 34 — Serving Others on the Front Lines

Jenny Lam with her parents at their home in Calgary.

I first met Jenny Lam through a mission trip to World Youth Day 2019 in Panama through Catholic Christian Outreach. We were a tight-knit team of nine who were united in our faith and zeal for the mission.

After that mission trip ended, our group has made an effort to stay in touch. I'm thankful to know Jenny through this, and I'm grateful to call her a friend and sister in Christ. I'm also thankful for her yes to the profession of nursing and for all the work that she does to keep all of us safe. Particularly in this time with COVID-19, I'm grateful not only for her hard work, but also her faith that continues to guide her!

In this episode, I talk to Jenny about her personal faith journey, how she grew interested in the nursing profession, and what it's like now to be on the front lines of a pandemic. Listen to the episode here:

"Coming out of [the pandemic], as we continue to strengthen our faith and our trust in the Lord, it's going to be blossoming into beautiful fruits after we come out of isolation. It'll be like a new spring when the flowers and the fruits will be blooming from what we are doing in continuing to trust in the Lord." — Jenny Lam

Meet Jenny Lam

Jenny was born and raised in a loving Catholic family in Calgary, Alberta. Although she struggled with her faith throughout her university years, she experienced her re-conversion in 2017 when she met campus missionaries from Catholic Christian Outreach and gave her “YES” to Jesus after attending a Catholic conference for young adults in Ottawa.

She graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Nursing degree and has been nursing for 5 years now. She currently works in the Emergency Department and found joy amidst the chaos. Jenny has really found her passion for living out a Christ-centred life through her vocation of caring for patients in their most vulnerable times. She is also a youth minister at her home parish and strives to help young people encounter Jesus. As well, Jenny has a heart for mission to serve in third world countries and will hopefully be able to fulfill that dream in the near future.


In this episode, we talked about the Ultimate Relationship, an evangelistic tool that we use in Catholic Christian Outreach "that presents the Gospel clearly and simply providing an opportunity to respond to Christ’s invitation to a personal relationship." Learn more about the Ultimate Relationship here:

Jenny also shared the story from the Book of Daniel and how it was a turning point for her during this time of pandemic. The story (from Daniel Chapter 3) can be found here:

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