Episode 37 — An Instrument of God's Healing

In this episode, Dior and I talked about:

  • Theology of the Body - Pope St. John Paul II

  • CCO's Relationships Diagram, a tool used by CCO to help visualize and compare our relationship to Jesus with marriage (READ MORE)

  • Mary Bielski's talk at CCO Rise Up 2019 - "Adrift" (WATCH)

I had the great opportunity to meet Dior Krolak at the Catholic Christian Outreach's 2019 Rise Up Conference through a mutual friend. Through this meeting, I learned so much about Dior's life, faith journey, and how she brings her faith into her work as a physiotherapist. My conversations with Dior helped to illuminate this fact that as Catholics, we have an opportunity to bring our faith into our workplaces.

In our conversation, we talked at great length about the dignity of women and how Dior helps women to restore their dignity through physiotherapy. When it came to motherhood and helping moms, this is what Dior had to say:

"When I'm helping mothers, I'm not just helping her, but all the people she cares for too. Mothers are superheroes! When I think about how much they sacrifice — their bodies to bear their children, and then everything they have to raise them and be wives, and sometimes still be part of the working class, I feel so privileged! This is beyond any other privilege; to be able to help them by relieving some of their physical pain. By doing so it can give them back a sense of self and dignity. Although I know that our dignity comes from the Lord, it manifests in the physical — in our bodies — and that's where I have the God-given knowledge and skills to intervene and help restore wholeness for the human being. Wow. Thank you, Jesus! I can't believe that I get to do this for a living!"

Take a listen to our conversation:

"He's the one who's the ultimate healer. He's the one where I need to find my strength." — Dior Krolak

Meet Dior Krolak

From the moment someone asked Dior Krolak "What do you want to be when you grow up?", she knew she would end up in the health field. Dior's interests led her to prepare for medical school during her undergrad. It was only when she surrendered her career to the Lord that she was introduced to her REAL dream career as a physiotherapist, the embodiment of the belief that movement is medicine!

Her studies lead her to complete her Master of Physical Therapy at Western University. Moreover, she discovered a niche passion for pelvic health physiotherapy. She practices general orthopedics and pelvic health physiotherapy in Ottawa, Canada. Her faith plays a role in how she sees her practice and each patient- as opportunities to serve the Lord. Our dignity comes from the Lord and it manifests in the physical in our bodies. That's where she has the God-given skills and knowledge to intervene and help restore her patients' sense of wholeness. This is where her feminine genius flourishes: in her attentiveness to the needs of her patients and in her sensitivity to the intimate nature of their healthcare.


To stay up to date with Dior Krolak and get fitness and health tips, check out her Instagram account: @dior.physio.