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Episode 39 — Christ, Coffee, and Conversations

An Immaculatte gathering with some young women!

In this episode, Emi, Maggie and I talked about:

  • Different ministries they were involved in growing up (Couples for Christ-Youth, Catholic Christian Outreach)

  • The founding of The Immaculatte

  • Maggie references Proverbs 27:17: "Iron sharpens iron"

It all started with a desire and a simple question: What would it be like to have a ministry just for young, Catholic women to meet and just be with one another? From there, friends Maggie Orcullo and Emi Namoro came together to form The Immaculatte. Based out of Our Lady of Assumption parish in Port Coquitlam, BC, this young women's ministry hosts meetups for women to meet and talk about anything from finances, dating, apologetics, or anything in between.

I've had the pleasure of attending some of the meetups myself, and can honestly say that women's ministry and sisterhood has radically changed my own faith life. In this episode, we talk about the friendship that Emi and Maggie share, how they came up with the Immaculatte, and why sisterhood is important to them.

Also, how cool is this? We released this episode just off the weekend that celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (June 20)!

Listen to our conversation here!

Download and read the episode transcript here:

Episode 39 Emi Namoro and Maggie Orcullo
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"There's a lot of ministries for young adults, but you don't really see active women's ministries for young women. It would be great to have a place where young women could meet and get to know each other, not be pressured to always talk about the faith but to get to know one another as women and as God's beloved children as women." — Maggie Orcullo
"I don't have to worry about pitting myself against someone else when in reality, we're all in the same race. We're all on this road to sainthood together." — Emi Namoro

Meet Emi Namoro and Maggie Orcullo

Emi Namoro is a Catholic writer, creative, and a life-long learner. Though she is a cradle Catholic, she didn’t fully take the faith as her own until grade 7. It was in that year that God captured her heart, by instilling in her a love of learning, ministry, and service. She learned that she could serve God by offering Him what He gave her: her voice. As she grew up, her voice evolved along with her. From singing worship songs, teaching youth and young children about Christ, to writing and sharing about God’s unconditional love to those she encounters. Emi prays that by living out her true identity as a daughter of God, it may ignite a fire within others to be a witness in their own lives as well.

Maggie Orcullo was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada at a young age with her family. Throughout her life, she was raised in the faith and was active in various faith ministries growing up, from Kids for Christ (KFC) to youth ministry and now to young adult ministry at her local parish, Our Lady of Assumption. Growing up, Maggie kept consistency with the practices of the Church, but in her young adult years, Maggie began to pursue a deeper relationship with her faith, as to learning more about the Magisterium, the Church’s traditions and gaining insight on apologetics. Maggie is a recent graduate from Douglas College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care (CYC). Maggie was inspired to pursue the field of CYC because of her experience in youth ministry and she desires to continue to grow in knowledge and compassion by engaging in the field. In addition to this, Maggie hopes to further encompass the true meaning of discipleship by incorporating the Catholic faith in child and youth care, hoping to bring Christ to all those she meets.


If you happen to live in the Vancouver area and want to join in on an Immaculatte meetup, be sure to stay up to date with them! Follow Maggie and Emi on Instagram (@theimmaculatte) and on Facebook (The Immaculatte). Hope to see you there!

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