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Episode 42 — Bringing Sunday Into Monday

The SundayMonday founder Jane Kennedy in Washington, D.C.

In this episode, Jane and I mentioned:

  • Regnum Christi (LEARN MORE)

  • World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid


  • Reform Alliance (LEARN MORE) Criminal justice reform, the First Step Act, probation and parole

  • Jane references Matthew 25:36 — "I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me."

  • On Good Friday 2020, Pope Francis led Stations of the Cross with meditations prepared by the chaplaincy of the “Due Palazzi” House of Detention in Padua (READ)

  • The SundayMonday (LEARN MORE) — Jane references two pieces that she wrote: "Can I Quit?" and "Facing Spiritual Attack"

  • If you feel prompted to start something, Jane has some encouragement for you! 1) Do a spirit check: Do you feel drawn to this with urgency? 2) Remember that Satan isn't creative: he will always come at you with the same lies!

I remember when I first encountered The SundayMonday on Instagram shortly before their launch. As someone who has worked in a variety of fields outside of the church pretty much my entire working life, the mission of The SundayMonday really spoke to me. While ministry and faith-based work are important and critical for the health of our church, the reality is that not all of us will necessarily be called to serve as a full-time missionary or work at our diocese.

Enter The SundayMonday: a site dedicated to helping women be bold in their faith, work, and life. As Jane shared in our conversation, it can be difficult or even scary to bring your whole self to work or share parts of our Catholic faith with our co-workers who may not necessarily share the same views as us. When we encounter this in our lives, how should we respond? Jane points to the fact that God is faithful and will equip us for whatever mission He wants us to complete. In this episode, we talk about Jane's professional life and the work she does, how she came to form The SundayMonday, and how to discern between the voice of God and rebuke the evil one.

Fun fact for you: We share the same foundation day! The SundayMonday launched on June 1, 2020, and one year prior I launched The Feminine Genius Podcast. Praise God!

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 42 Jane Kennedy
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"If the Lord wants you to do something, He will pursue you so peacefully and so joyfully, and things will fall into place...and you can just trust that your obedience will bring you closer to Him." — Jane Kennedy

Meet Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy was born in Australia, raised in California and is thrilled to call DC home. She works at Reform Alliance, a criminal justice reform non-profit founded with the goal of moving 1 million people off of supervision in the next five years. Previously, she worked with the internship, speechwriting, and events teams in the White House and served on the marketing events team at Glassdoor. After launching a ministry for professional Catholic women in San Francisco, Jane founded The SundayMonday, a site designed to equip and empower women to be bold in faith, work, and life. Jane serves on the FOCUS Alumni Council, volunteers as a Girls on the Run coach, is happiest when by the water, and loves making (and eating) ice cream from scratch.


As mentioned in the episode, please be sure to check out The SundayMonday on Instagram, @thesundaymonday_, and you can read articles by Jane and other incredible women here:

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