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Episode 43 — You Have a Story Worth Telling

Caroline Owens is the host of the podcast She Believed.

In this episode, Caroline and I mentioned:

  • Caroline Owens is the host of her podcast, She Believed (LEARN MORE)

  • Westcoast Catholic (LEARN MORE)

  • The verse that Caroline drew inspiration from for She Believed is Luke 1:45: "And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord.”

  • How to cultivate gratitude: Caroline encourages us to 1) write down the ways in which God has been faithful, in the big and small ways, and 2) to make a morning offering!

While I was going through university, I stumbled across an account on Instagram called The College Catholic. Though we were in different parts of the continent, a lot of what Caroline Owens (the amazing lady behind the account!) shared was relatable when it came to enjoying our time as college-going women, and how that doesn't have to come in conflict with our faith. We can enjoy this season while also living fully alive in God, and this was something I really started to lean into after my personal reconversion back to the faith.

Recently when I started this podcast, I saw that The College Catholic had turned into something different with a new mission and focus. I was so excited to see how Caroline was moving into post-graduation life and the launch of her podcast, She Believed! It was a gift to connect with Caroline and to hear her story. In this episode, we hear about Caroline's faith journey and how she came to know Christ, the evolution of her personal ministry into what it is today, and the encouragement that each of us has a story that needs to be shared.

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 43 Caroline Owens
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"I came to recognize that everyone's story is worth sharing and that everyone has a purpose. Everyone has the opportunity to reveal God and the ways that He's working in their life." — Caroline Owens

Meet Caroline Owens

Caroline Rose Owens is a graduate of Ball State University where she studied public relations and event planning. She is a proud, born and raised Hoosier and has come to embrace the simplicity of her story and how God desires to use her ordinariness to reveal His power. She began blogging as The College Catholic in 2017, with the intention of expressing her everyday life as a way to encourage other college women to pursue their Catholic faith while also embracing all the good college has to offer. Upon graduating college, Caroline shifted from The College Catholic to Caroline Rose Owens, and launched the SHE BELIEVED Podcast in order to inspire and equip young adult women to live more freely into who God created them to be. This Indiana girl will soon be saying goodbye to the Midwest and hello to Washington, D.C. as she pursues her dream job, working for a boutique marketing agency founded by women for women. When Caroline isn’t connecting with girls on Instagram or recording a podcast, you can most likely find her drinking coffee, chatting with friends, and marvelling at the work of the Lord. You can follow her on Instagram @carolineroseowens.


Be sure to tune into She Believed wherever you listen to your podcasts! Learn more about the show here:

Follow Caroline and stay up to date with She Believed on Instagram: @carolineroseowens

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