Episode 49 — Capturing All of Life's Moments

A shot of Genesis Castillo's nephew, playing around while her mother-in-law cooks.

On this episode, Genesis and I mentioned:

I first met Genesis Castillo at a conference in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. She was shooting for the event, and we started chatting and promised to stay in touch. What I didn't realize until we did our interview that photography was not her day job. When she's not shooting photos, Genesis can be found at the hospital, helping to deliver babies into the world.

Genesis' nursing experience spans labour and delivery as well as medical-surgical, so she's worked with newborn babies as well as cared for the sick and the dying. Through this and her photography, Genesis has a heart for the human experience and is an advocate for allowing things to unfold with great patience.

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Episode 49 Genesis Castillo
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"I really think that families have their own story to tell, and as a photographer in this style of photography, we don't need to make something happen to get a good shot. It's already happening, and we're just there to capture it and make a memory of it in the form of photography." — Genesis Castillo

Meet Genesis Castillo

As a maternity nurse and a documentary family photographer, Genesis Castillo has gained a greater appreciation for God’s creations and blessings in everyday life. After six years as a medical-surgical nurse caring for the sick and dying, Genesis switched fields and specialized in the life-giving area of labour and delivery. During the time of her training, she discovered her talent and passion in photography and was drawn to capturing real-life moments through documentary photography.

As a documentary family photographer, Genesis photographs without manipulation or direction to allow authentic moments and relationships of families to unfold naturally. With this approach, Genesis focuses on capturing the everyday stories of families in their home, birth and newborn experiences, and milestone events. Aside from her business, she documents events for the B.C. Catholic Newspaper and the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Genesis also offers her time and talents to Richmond Hospital Birth Centre to capture and honour moments with families who experience the loss of their baby. Genesis strives to glorify God by acknowledging his graces and blessings through her profession, business, and passion.

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