Episode 51 — Planting Seeds That Bear Good Fruit

Rachel Smith is the host of the podcast To Grow Good.

In this episode, Rachel and I mention:

I remember when I first met Rachel Smith: we crossed paths on Instagram, and she reached out to me to share about the launch of her podcast To Grow Good, and she was kind of enough to ask me to join her. I was so inspired by her story and thankful for her yes! If you've listened to To Grow Good, you'll understand what I mean.

Rachel was raised in the Catholic faith, but recently had a moment of conversion. This moment not only strengthened her personal faith, but it inspired her to start this podcast and share other stories of conversion in full. She's had some pretty remarkable and amazing conversations, all rooted in the unique ways God shows His personal love for each of us! It was amazing and a real privilege to hear her share her story, and how she sees this podcast as a vehicle to bring others into a deeper encounter with God.

Listen to our conversation here:

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Episode 51 Rachel Smith
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"He's shown me so much about my true identity, healing those places as a woman in the world, and then giving me purpose, and then giving me work and keeping me busy." — Rachel Smith

Meet Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith lives and works in Massachusetts. She recently had a deep reversion back to her Catholic faith, as a result of a series of personal and intimate encounters with the living God. Her journey has sparked the Holy Spirit within her, who has led her to start a new podcast, To Grow Good. To Grow Good is a podcast of conversion stories and a place to reveal personal encounters with God. Each episode shares the personal story of someone's own background, journey and encounter with Jesus Christ that led them to want to give their “yes” and follow Him. The guest shares about how He first worked His way into their heart, and how He has played a role in their life since. God is so real, so alive right nowand He wants to meet you, too. Connect with us! Listen to To Grow Good on Apple, Spotify, Anchor or Google Podcasts. Follow us on Instagram @togrowgood, or visit togrowgood.com to learn more.

As mentioned, Rachel very kindly asked me to be on To Grow Good, and it was there that I shared my story of conversion in full! You can listen to that episode of To Grow Good here.

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