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Episode 53 — Finding Joy in Trials and Infertility

Hannah Marks with her husband Chris and baby Amelia.

In this episode, Hannah and I mentioned:

  • Natural Family Planning (NFP)

  • St. John of the Cross and the Dark Night of the Soul

  • Hannah's blog and Instagram account @littlewayofjoy

  • St. Therese of Lisieux and the St. Therese novena

Listen to the episode here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 53 Hannah Marks
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"There is joy that can be found in your journey even in the midst of suffering because true joy comes from knowing that Christ loves you and true joy comes from knowing that you're doing God's will and doing your best to serve Him and get to heaven." — Hannah Marks

Meet Hannah Marks

Hannah Marks is a Catholic wife and mother through adoption. Hannah started her blog, Little Way of Joy, early in 2019 as a way to speak up about infertility from a Catholic perspective. She felt that there was not nearly enough support for infertile couples in the Church and that infertility and miscarriage still carried a huge stigma within the Church. Through talking about her and her husband’s difficult journey to parenthood, Hannah has been able to create friendships with other women who felt as though they, too, were out of place in the Church due to their infertility. She also experienced an increase in her own faith and trust in God from speaking up about the issues that come with struggling to build a family while also being devout in a Church where physical motherhood is touted as the ultimate goal of women. Hannah and her husband live with their baby daughter in South Louisiana.

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