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Episode 56 — Motherhood, Music, and the Domestic Church

Kathleen LeBlanc and her husband Jesse make up the band Found Together.

In this episode, Kathleen and I talk about:

  • Kathleen and Jesse's band Found Together (formerly A Guy and A Girl)

  • National Campus Life Network

  • Miscarriage, biological motherhood, and spiritual motherhood

  • Kathleen references 1 Peter 5:2: "Tend the flock of God that is your charge, not by constraint but willingly, not for shameful gain but eagerly" (NRSV)

  • This quote from St. Edith Stein: "The woman’s soul is fashioned as a shelter in which other souls may unfold."

  • Homemaking, hospitality, and Theology of Home (Carrie Gress, Noelle Mering, Megan Schrieber)

  • The story behind Found Together and what's next for Kathleen and Jesse

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 56 Kathleen LeBlanc
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"To be feminine is to be a mother no matter if you have biological children on this earth, in heaven, or not. Truly, we're all called to be spiritual mothers." — Kathleen LeBlanc

Meet Kathleen LeBlanc

Kathleen LeBlanc is a lover of Jesus, devoted wife to Jesse, and proud mother to her their one year old son, Noah. Kathleen is insatiably passionate about seeking Truth and sharing Truth with others. Having studied at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy and Catholic Pacific College, Kathleen went on to serve as pro-life advocate for National Campus Life Network, a youth minister at St. Joseph's Parish in Langley, BC, and McMaster University's campus minister. Engaging in others' journeys life and faith, encouraging them, challenging them, and learning from them is something that gives Kathleen LIFE and spurs her on in her own journey towards Christ. In 2016, Kathleen married her husband Jesse, and together, they form a band called Found Together (formerly known as A Guy and a Girl), leading worship at large and small events across Canada.

In 2017, Kathleen and Jesse lost their first child to miscarriage. This experience rocked them to the core, but thankfully, drew them closer to the suffering Jesus. Since this experience, Kathleen's heart turns towards women who have experienced the loss of miscarriage, so that they know they do not suffer alone. 

Since the birth of their son, Noah, Kathleen focuses her time at home, diving into the gifts of motherhood, hospitality, music ministry, and evangelization wherever possible. 


You can learn more about Found Together and stay up to date with them by checking out their website, You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @wearefoundtogether.

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