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Episode 57 — Protecting Our Purpose and Feminine Design

Jamie Rathjen is a wife, mother, and FertilityCare Practitioner.

In this episode, Jamie and I talk about:

Listen to our conversation here:

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Episode 57 Jamie Rathjen
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"When we protect that moment of conception, we protect purpose of that person. We protect the will that God has for that person." — Jamie Rathjen

Meet Jamie Rathjen

Jamie Rathjen earned her Master’s degree in Community Health Education where she studied the effectiveness of fertility awareness methods and how little they are discussed in medical settings. Jamie now makes it her mission to educate women and couples on the truths of their fertility and the benefits these natural methods will have on women’s health and in marital relationships. 

"Fiat,” or “let it be done to me according to your will” (Luke 1:38) is Jamie’s life verse and inspiration for her work as a speaker and as a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner.  Jamie's work as founder of Guiding Star Cedar Valley, Fiat FertilityCare Center, and founder/owner of FIATfem, was through the inspiration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. After praying one night for the name she was to give her ministry “fiat” fell into her mind. She felt a personal invitation from the Lord to share the truth about God's creation with all who would listen. God invited her to say “fiat” or "yes" to his request by assisting couples to say “yes” to their bodies and to children that come from them.


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