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Episode 59 — Living Fully as a Resurrected Woman

Caroline Lunne encourages other women to live fully alive and embrace the beauty of the resurrection.

In this episode, Caroline and I talk about:

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 59 Caroline Lunne
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Quote for reflection:

"The Lord wants to work miracles in our life. We're called to live fully, especially as women, to embrace life fully alive and hold nothing back." — Caroline Lunne

Meet Caroline Lunne

Caroline Lunne is a self-declared creative on a mission to empower women to live life fully alive. She has a true skill for equipping women and businesses with actionable tools, tips, and tales to help them rise through her work at her brand, Resurrected Collective.

She is currently a student at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and studies marketing, creativity and a bit of fashion. She has a deep devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes and a love for the message of the resurrection.

She believes in turning dreams into bold vision and knows creativity can be used as a force to change this world. She loves orange LaCroix, chocolate chip cookies and the power of a good outfit. She texts using voice memos and often watches the movie ‘The Intern’ with Anne Hathaway on repeat. She shamelessly loves Taylor Swift. Her happy place is Northern Michigan.

Most of all, she lives for making genuine connections online and honestly just wants to meet, YOU! You can find her on Instagram @ResurrectedCollective.

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