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Episode 63 — Connecting with God Through Music

Theresa Ambat is a music producer, composer, and sound designer based in Seattle, Washington.

In this episode, Theresa and I discussed:

Listen to our conversation here:

Download and read the episode transcript here:

Episode 63 Theresa Ambat
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"You know, we think a lot about 'what's gonna make us a lot of money?' or 'What are things that I like? What am I good at? what's gonna get me a job?' But how often do we ask God what He's expecting of us in those decisions?" — Theresa Ambat

Together with Lorraine and Emma (on the screen), Theresa co-hosts the podcast Clumsy Candid Catholics.

Meet Theresa Ambat

Theresa Ambat is a music producer and sound designer based in Seattle, Washington. She recently graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Music where she learned about creating experimental soundscapes and music compositions using code. She was raised Catholic and served for several years as a student minister at her Catholic Newman Center in college. It was there that she discovered a deep passion for evangelization through art. Theresa believes in sharing the beauty of Christ through all forms of music: singer-songwriter, 80s, R&B, chant, experimental, sound design, hip-hop, video-game music, and more. She believes that music that glorifies the Lord should be represented in all sorts of genres out of love for music's diversity. She recently developed an interest in producing chiptune and synthwave remixes of popular Catholic hymns. In 2019, Theresa released her first album "Midnight in the Chapel" which was indeed recorded at midnight in a chapel! In 2020, she composed a 15-minute electroacoustic piece based on Bible passages related to "living water", composed a soundtrack for the short documentary "Clare McCallan: Little Victories" by Seraphim Media, and was also the sound designer for an episode of "The Quarantine Plays" by The Merry Beggars, a Catholic Theater organization based in New York. A few of Theresa's greatest musical inspirations are Ruby Ibarra, Jonathan Ogden, and Andrew Huang.

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