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Episode 64 — Speaking Up in the Midst of a Crisis

Karna Lozoya is the host of the podcast "Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church" from The Catholic Project.

In this episode, Karna and I discuss:

Listen to our conversation here:

Download and read the episode transcript here:

Episode 64 Karna Lozoya
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"Each one of us has this mission. The clergy and laity are equally responsible for the mission of the church. We have different rolesPope Francis obviously has a different role than I do in the Church, but we're equally responsible for the mission!" — Karna Lozoya

Meet Karna Lozoya

Karna Lozoya is the Executive Director of Strategic Communications at the Catholic University of America. Karna has spent her entire career telling the Catholic story, both as a journalist and as a public relations professional. She has worked for ZENIT, Aleteia, The Archdiocese of Denver, and The Catholic University of America. She arrived at Catholic University just in time for the summer of 2018, and was instrumental in the initial launch of The Catholic Project.


The Catholic Project, through their work on "Crisis" put together a number of resources around learning about, reporting, and seeking support on issues of clergy sex abuse. You can access those here.

In November 2020, the Vatican released the McCarrick Report, a 461-page report that looked at how former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick rose to power in the Catholic Church, despite the fact that he sexually abused minors. You can read the report here.

If you have suffered abuse at the hands of someone representing the Catholic Church (priest, deacon, or other), know that it is not your fault and there are processes in place to report and seek support:

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