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Episode 66 — Creating For His Greater Glory

Dom Almario is the co-founder and creative director of Greater Glory Ministry in California.

In this episode, Dom and I talked about:

  • Greater Glory Ministry, which she co-founded with Meesa Estuar

  • Dom does some creative freelance work with various groups, including Paradigm Clothing

  • Steubenville Conferences

  • Dom referenced this verse from 1 John: "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18)

  • St. Mother Teresa and the dark night of the soul

  • Bishop Robert Barron

  • This is the design that Dom refers to - "Unfailing"

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 66 Dom Almario
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"Whatever you do, you can glorify God. That boils down to that universal call to holiness and how we all share that vocation to glorify God and to live holy lives, sharing in that threefold mission of Christ of priest, prophet and king, and running with that no matter where we're at in life." — Dom Almario

Meet Dom Almario

Dom Almario is a student, graphic designer, and Catholic Youth Minister from Southern California. She is studying Theology through the online program of St. Joseph’s College, Maine. For four years, she has been working as a Youth Minister at her home parish, St. Paul the Apostle, in Chino Hills. Utilizing her creative talents, Dom’s designs have served as a platform for evangelization and an invitation for youth to encounter the love of Christ at retreats and youth events alike. While continuing to do freelance graphic design work on the side, she is also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of her passion ministry project, Greater Glory. Through the years of struggling with her mental health, along with crippling doubts and insecurities, Dom has persevered in faith, doing all things “for the greater glory of God.” Seeking to glorify God in and through all things, she follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit and is open to all the possibilities that await.


Be sure to check out Greater Glory's website and follow them on Instagram, @_greaterglory!

As mentioned, this second episode of a 2-part series with the co-founders of Greater Glory! Listen to our conversation with Meesa Estuar here.

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