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Episode 67 — Serving God in Your Unique Way

Olivia McCarthy is a wife, mother, and the host of the podcast Heart Home Faith.

On this episode, Olivia and I talk about:

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 67 Olivia McCarthy
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"There's a real blessing in raising your children in the faith and having that be a constant, because when everything was stripped away, I still had my faith. It was the same in Texas as it was in Michigan." — Olivia McCarthy

Meet Olivia McCarthy

Olivia is a wife, mother, parish employee, and as of late podcaster on the podcast Heart Home Faith! Her mission is to spread a culture of joy and friendship that is rooted in the Catholic faith, all while navigating the day to day of motherhood, and life in general.

She has been married for over eight years and has three daughters, plus another baby on the way.

Olivia has many passions, but talking is the one that stands out the most. She is also a marathon finisher in the 2019 Detroit Marathon, and loves running because it gives her time to think her own thoughts- which usually are in short supply in her busy and often chaotic household.

Olivia was raised Catholic but truly came into her own understanding of the Faith as a young woman, and wants nothing more than to help you find your place in the Catholic Church by encouraging women to live their unique vocations and journeying through the sisterhood of Catholic womanhood (and motherhood) together!

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