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Episode 68 — Holiness for All Cultures

Sr. Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay is a Felician Sister, Black Catholic, and dancer.

In this episode, Sr. Desiré and I talked about:

Listen to our conversation here:

Read and download the episode transcript here:

Episode 68Sr. desire
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"I want a meaningful life and I want my gifts to have meaning, but I didn't realize that I would get to keep some of them. That I would be willing to offer dance back, and then God says, 'Well, I gave you that, and now I want you to multiply that.'" — Sr. Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay

Meet Sr. Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay

Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay is a Felician Sister. Her community, also known as the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix, is a Franciscan community. Before entering religious life, Sr. Desiré danced for a semi-professional basketball team while she attended the University of New Mexico. It was during this time that she went on a 100-mile pilgrimage by foot and first met the Felician Sisters. After completing her Bachelor's degree in secondary education, Sr. Desiré chose to take a step in the direction she felt God was leading her and she began formation with the Felicians. After four years in formation, she moved to Southern California where she taught Theology, Spanish and Dance. Sr. Desiré now lives in Western Pennsylvania where she works closely with Catholic youth and young adults as the Vocation Director for her community. Sister has traveled to Canada, Haiti, Panama, Italy and Poland for things like World Youth Day, retreats and outreach. She has also had the opportunity to publish some written material, appear on the Tamron Hall Show, and record a video interview with America Magazine. Sr. Desiré made Final Vows in August of 2019 and looks forward to her continued adventures for the sake of God and God’s children!


Be sure to follow Sr. Desiré on Instagram @sistah.d!

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