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Episode 7 — A Heart Set on Fire for Jesus

Samantha Zenarosa (left) with three other young women from CCO SFU during a year-end gathering.

When I was first getting comfortable with my own missionary identity, I met a fresh and bright first year student. She was full of energy, super trendy, and had such excitement in her voice. My goal in that interaction was to share the Ultimate Relationship booklet with her and help her begin her journey with putting Christ at the centre of her life.

That girl was Samantha Zenarosa: outreach extraordinaire, a new CCO missionary, and still as hip as ever.

Sam gave her yes to serving as a campus missionary with CCO, and will be headed to Carleton University in Ottawa to join the team there. If you had asked her at the beginning of her time in university if she would consider becoming a missionary, the concept would have been really foreign to her. Sam had a lot of ideas and dreams for her life, and also wanted to fulfill the roles of a perfect student and daughter.

But with many who say yes to God, our lives will be forever changed. We think we know what we want, but as Sam says, “God will always surprise us.”

Take a listen to our conversation with Sam about her faith journey and how she came to truly embrace her feminine genius and missionary identity:

“There is anguish, there is hard work, there is suffering. But all of that is forgotten when you bring another person's soul back to Christ." — Samantha Zenarosa

Meet Samantha Zenarosa

Samantha Zenarosa is a young Catholic student in Vancouver, but above all, a beloved daughter of Christ. She loves to read, make coffee at home, sunny days with a breeze, and really beautiful things like stationery and flowers that remind her of God’s creation and love for each one of us. One thing she wouldn’t want to ever live without is her beautiful family. There’s her hardworking and funny dad Richard, sweet and caring mama Camille, and 2 younger trouble-making siblings. Samantha’s brother Nathan is her best friend, they can laugh about anything and count on each other, he wows her everyday as a young man. Samantha’s little sister Alessandra is like a mini version of her, she’s outspoken, loves art and bears a heart for the world.

Samantha values personal relationships and quality time, her friends give her so much joy! Board games and Bubble tea are her guilty pleasures. She also values dancing when no one is looking, right now it’s to either praise music or indie rock from the 2000’s. She is currently taking a gap year from her studies in Communications at Simon Fraser University but will still spend most of her time at University this fall and spring semester. In pursuing God’s voice and taking on an exciting opportunity, she began working as a full-time missionary for Catholic Christian Outreach this past spring. She will be fulfilling her call to evangelize and share the joy in having a Christ-centered life through witness to the students at Carleton University. Samantha could not be more thankful to her Heavenly Father for her journey, setting her free and would not change a thing if it meant in the end she would be running into his loving arms.


This is the passage that Sam was referencing in our conversation: “The disciples’ grief will turn to joy”, John 16:16-22.

Curious about the Ultimate Relationship booklet and the Kerygma? Here is a video explaining what it is and how to share it:

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