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80. A City on a Hill for God's Glory — with Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is the owner/founder of City on a Hill Designs, and hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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About the episode

"God was once again inviting me to revisit this passion and this seed that He planted within me." Amanda Lee's journey to the Catholic faith was a long but beautiful one. She thought that her identity was wrapped up in academics or her athletic ability as a competitive swimmer. But through a powerful homily and a message from a stranger, Amanda was invited to explore her identity in Him as a daughter of God. Armed with her faith, Amanda now uses her platform City on a Hill to not only share her artwork, but also the ways in which God loves her unconditionally. In this episode, Amanda shares her incredible journey of faith and conversion, how she got into art despite failing the subject in school, and how God calls her—and all of us—to be a light to the world.


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Meet Amanda Lee

Amanda Pasaoa Lee is a Malaysian-Chinese and Filipino descent hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having personally encountered the Father's love at 15, she converted to Catholicism and has been on a roller-coaster ride with Jesus ever since.

She’s also a self-taught artist behind City On A Hill Designs, a space where she allows her passion to create and design for the Lord overflow, with hopes to share His goodness, beauty, and truth in tangible ways.

Aside from this creative venture, she works full-time in a media agency, serves as a worship leader, youth coordinator of Peninsular Malaysia service team, past youth group leader and was also part of an evangelisation ministry preaching at youth camps and had the opportunity to minister in India. Follow her creative journey on Instagram @cityonahillco. Shop apparel, stickers, and more at or if you’re interested for custom works, collaboration or any sorts, email Amanda here.


Episode transcript

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00:10 RACHEL WONG: This is The Feminine Genius Podcast, a podcast that celebrates all women of God and their unique genius. I'm your host, Rachel Wong.

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00:31 RACHEL: Amanda Lee's journey to the Catholic faith was a long but beautiful one. She thought that her identity was wrapped up in academics or her athletic ability as a competitive swimmer. But through a powerful homily and a message from a stranger, Amanda was invited to explore her identity in Him as a daughter of God. Armed with her faith, Amanda now uses her platform City on a Hill to not only share her artwork, but also the ways in which God loves her unconditionally. In this episode, Amanda shares her incredible journey of faith and conversion, how she got into art despite failing the subject in school, and how God calls her - and all of us - to be a light to the world.

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01:30 RACHEL: Hi Amanda!

01:31 AMANDA LEE: Hi, Rachel! Thank you so much for having me here! 01:37 RACHEL: Yeah, oh my goodness, my pleasure! How are you?

01:39 AMANDA: I'm doing good. It's a great start to the morning to be able to, like, on this part of the world, at least, is 9:30 for me. And on a Saturday so yeah all bread and good after the full work week. Yeah, excited for the weekend and for our call.

01:58 RACHEL: Aw thank you. Yeah I am super excited and I have to tell listeners that you are my first guest, outside of North America. I know that, you know, for the past year I would say I've been so fortunate to meet with women all over the United States; I myself am based in Canada. And I would say it was about this time last year that I really started to break out and do that so it's very timely that we are meeting in this time. I really do believe that God has kind of moved in that way. And to start off, I'll get you Amanda to introduce yourself and share with listeners where it is that you're calling in from, but also what you do right now.

02:39 AMANDA: All right, all right, sure. So hi everyone, my name is Amanda. I'm from Malaysia. Sunny, humid, rainy, Malaysia. I have a full time job in a media agency, so that's my day to day job. On the other hand, where I share my passion for art, City on a Hill designs, it's just, yeah, stirring in my heart to share what the Lord has placed and planted within me for I think it has been many many years I would say, but it's just like suppressed, and under the soil. But yeah, like last year I decided to really really take that major leap of faith to trust in the Lord, provide.

03:20 RACHEL: Thank you so much. Yeah, and God bless technology for being able, for us to be able to, you know, connect across the ocean and across Thailand. Yep. But I can't wait to dive into this conversation with you, and maybe as we get going, I would love it if you could share a little bit of your faith journey and how you've come to be the woman that you are today in, you know, in faith and that relationship with God that way.

03:48 AMANDA:Yeah, I would love to. I didn't grow up as a Catholic Christian, or in a Christian household. My dad is Malaysian Chinese. My mom is Filipino. So, I kind of like grew up going to temples. At the same time maybe during Christmas, it was Christmas party. So that's about it for my exposure to the Christian faith. I'll consider, I guess, freethinker, whatever, just following my parents around. And I think also that I grew up a competitive swimmer. I swam for the state and occasionally for Malaysia. And so yeah that's a little bit of background of me and my life growing up, lots of studying, tuition and trainings, that's about it I don't have any social life. So, that is me, that is me.

04:46 RACHEL: Wow, okay. So you grew up going to temple, and some Christmas parties. So where did I guess Christianity, or even the Catholic faith come into play for you, Amanda?

05:02 AMANDA: I think I first encountered Christ, when I was 15 years old. At that time, my mom has been bringing me to church a year before that. So, perhaps 14 years old or so. And just going for the sake of accompanying her and perhaps making new friends and see something different outside of my ordinary swimming friends or assuming cycle throughout my week. That it was what I grew up in the mindset of striving for excellence, especially for academics, or in whatever I do. But then there was a point of time where we really struggle in finding my identity. I would say in Malaysia or Asia culture we hardly express or be able to speak to our parents as much as Western culture. Growing up, I kind of like jump from a relationship, one relationship to the other. And it wasn't a good unhealthy cycle and to a point where any guys that would make me feel loved, and I guess within us there is this longing and the desire to be loved, and to also express that love for another person. But because I didn't know God I didn't know Christ, it was simply finding every other opportunities out there just to fill that void, and I did not know that it was God is the one that's supposed to fill that void.

At that time I was dating all sorts of guys from different walks of life, and to a point where I was going to church and I was heartbroken once again but this time was with a Catholic guy. At the time I wasn't baptized, I was just going to church, I go "Oh I also go for Sunday school!". So it's like there's this like non-baptized girl just in Sunday school, just following along, because she has friends, but I don't necessarily proclaim that "Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I believe in all that you're teaching and all.". So yeah, I felt part of the community, the Catholic community but at the same time, what my then ex-boyfriend said was the reason why he broke up with me was that he mentioned that he would like a Catholic girlfriend and a partner in the future to be Catholic. And that is where I started questioning about my identity, more in depth, like, what am I, like who am I, what is so special by being called Catholic, or you know, why is it so important to him to have the same faith, to share the same desire and mission? And I think that totally open the floodgates like because I started like questioning I started wondering, really, one thing that I can think of is, what is wrong with me? What is it that I longed for that cannot be somehow found in, guys, or any other material things?

And there was one day at mass. I was... so because I was like part of serving in ministry as well, so weird because like there's this non-Christian baptized girl that goes for every other thing in church, but it's not baptized. So there was one day at Mass, I was being the projectionist. So the person that projects the slides, the press, and in our chapel there is like a CCTV because it's like a three storey building. So we have the camera to always point around where the altar is. So as I was listening to the homily of the priest, he mentioned about the love of God the Father. He said that no matter what the your earthly father has done or how imperfect your earthly father is, we have a Father, God the Father, Who gave His only Son to die on the cross.

And at that point of time because our chapel is so small, the crucifix and where the priest was standing, was really close and when he pointed a crucifix, my brain just lighted up and joined the dots like, wow, that is a human and a God at the same time was so, so loved by the Father. And at the same time. He's the one that saved me from my sin. And well, that day I broke down crying in that small projection box that I was in. I couldn't explain, I couldn't understand what was happening, I was sobbing. Until point where people started looking at the projection box, because you know after the homily it comes to the "I believe in God", right? But there wasn't anything projecting on a screen. So everyone started, like, finding out what's wrong and then when I just jutted my head out. And I was sobbing, and someone just made me understand and to help me project and get mass going down. And then I'm like oh my gosh. Stop crying. Stop crying, what's happening to me?

I think that was my first ever knowing that I am so loved. I have more purpose in my life, and to first hand experience the love of God the Father, because I think growing up, my father travels a lot when I was really young, so we hardly spend time together and that was the longing of that fatherly love that eventually now I realize that, you know that void within us, it's only can be filled by God and God alone. Yes, He has blessed us with our of the parents and our relatives, our families, but there's this special and immense and deep well that only God can satisfy. So yeah, that is how I got to experience God and to know God and from there on I just told my the choir master at that point of time, who later on became my Godfather at baptism. Yeah, so that's my journey of coming to know Christ at Mass, I didn't expect to be at Mass, honestly, because I... I was confused, to be honest like why do people stand, kneel. And at one point it feels that oh, I'm part of you, but I'm not part of you as well in order to receive Holy Communion. So every time it was Holy Communion I just see people walk past me. That's about it. But yeah, yeah, that's how I come to faith.

12:30 RACHEL:That's incredible. Yeah and I mean I know that even in like I think about my own Catholic story I guess being a cradle Catholic, there is constant conversion and I guess deeper conversion. So what was it like after you were baptized and what was that journey like, I guess, as a new Catholic now that you were able to fully participate and be one with this community that you had been learning from and enjoying company with?

13:04 AMANDA: After I was baptized. I actually thought that once I became a Catholic, all the problems in the world but just vanish. All the other like longings or whatsoever just like poof, I went down to the water and I'm made anew, it felt like no one can come against me. It's me and Jesus. My life would be all good. But no, because that is our fallen human nature, you know? And shortly after I was then again found myself in that cycle of constant relationships after another relationships like 15 years I was baptized in 17 years so I was again heartbroken by this guy. He was a Christian. He's not a Catholic, but he was a Christian, and he ended things really abruptly via text.

14:09 RACHEL: Oh man. 14:10 AMANDA: We were so involved with one another, especially like physically to a point where when things ended, I then ask, what is my worth now? And I will totally relate so much I think last year was that The Chosen, you know, the crazy amazing video series, The Chosen. While related so much of Mary Magdalene, especially in the first episode, because that was my story, you know? And also the woman at the well, because that whole relationship, one after another, and then getting involved physically at such a young age.

At the point I felt worthless because my worth as a woman, leading into a perhaps a marriage life, it's tarnished, and I kept questioning again my worth, like, who wants me? And I went into a spiral of depression and isolation just putting myself in a box and not wanting God to come in anymore, because here I am. I became a Catholic, and thinking that I have everything else that is going to, like, make my life great, but not fully understanding what Jesus meant by picking up your cross, you know? Come to me and you know, rest in Him for His yoke is light. I couldn't understand it at that point of time when these burdens are put on me I straightaway that is my first instinct is to blame God, you know, and to ask Him, question Him. So yeah, that is a really dark time for me. I stopped going to church. I got so agitated when my mom, who is the only Christian only Catholic person in my family. My mom tries to bring me to church event. I was rebellious and definitely has hurt her a lot along the way as well.

16:27 RACHEL: Yeah, it's crazy to because I see so much of my own story in yours, and I also want to say too how appreciative I am of how vulnerably you shared, just so many of the things in there. Like I said, it totally resonates but also just that feeling of doubt of your worth, right, and just questioning God and His goodness, especially after you said yes to a life with Him, truly. And I was curious to know at what point was I guess the turning points, or what helped you to go even deeper into your faith after this difficult breakup, that difficult relationship. And yeah, what helped to restore your faith and maybe kind of go again, like we mentioned earlier, deeper into this conversion of yours?

17:25 AMANDA: The turning point was when I decided to go for this event, a conversation with the speaker who was from out of town that spoke to me because, at the point of time I was single, I was ready to mingle, you know, my head space was not right, my mind, my heart, everything was just everywhere and not focusing on God, so I went to this church event, not even wanting to be with God. Just being there, physically there. And so when this speaker came up to me during lunch break, and he said, "Are you Amanda?", and I'm like, "Yeah". Then he said like, "I have a message for you." And I'm like, "What is that?". And because he came with a couple of young men to help facilitate the whole event, and in my head, because of my history right, I thought that one of the guys were so afraid to approach me to tell this you know secret message or whatsoever. An elderly man not to say elderly but a more senior leader to come and tell me something and I'm like well what guys are these, I thought. He pulled me aside in front of the altar, and said, "I have a message for you, Amanda. I do not know what you have been going through. I do not know you, but I just sense that you need to know this.". And he told me, just six words. He said that the message is, "I love you forever and always". And I don't believe I went to church saying like, I've broken up, you know, here is me wanting to be loved, or you know things like that. The more powerful thing is that those six words are specifically, the six words that I recently told my previous ex-boyfriend. I know that the words, "I love you", it's just used around all the relationships we use that interchangeably, right? But for my last word because I thought that was the one that was my promise to him. Then six words so no one else would know how much those six words come together, and he hit me in a really mind-blowing way, and the point of time when I was there just one second, thinking that what guy don't have the guts enough to come up to me to tell me a good message or a special message. But this message was from God Himself, from God Himself, and no one else know how much those words meant to me and not even the speaker I've never met him in my life. So a little context behind right, because I was so adamant to come for this event, I told God that if He's not gonna pull me back, if He's not gonna tell me who am I, or by this weekend because it's a weekend event, I gave God a timeline, you know, and that was bad. It's like challenging God to work at your time.

But that was my authentic, genuine prayer after a year of not talking to God, and just not thinking about Him but I, I literally remember, I was angry at Him. I was just minutes before going into the car for this event, I shouted in my room I say, "God, You know You're gonna show me something this weekend. If not, bye. This is my last goal, you know?". And so when that message came, it just struck right to my heart, and I forever as a swimmer right you're thinking like, Oh, I'm so strong, and you know I carry a weight, or my stamina is so good. I have a lot of time my knees were jelly. I'm like, why can I stand? And I was sobbing again and I remind, and I'm reminded that, that same altar was that first love that was first introduced to me of God the Father. And what, wow, just talking about it just reminded me of the time. But yeah, it was so powerful and ever since then, I fully be able to somehow have a glimpse of what Scripture means, not just words, but really allowing it to seep into my life, and to apply it, and Scripture really came alive, that my faith became more prominent. And, you know, it's very interesting because at a point of time, I started competitive swimmer at six. And at that point of time, I was 18. So, for a good 11-12 years. Half of my life was devoted to just swimming. It was funny because at 17, I had to go to a surgery, and you know help when we go to camps, they say, surrender and they all done for Christ. And in my head, I can not give up swimming, swimming is my life. But funnily enough at 17, I went through an operation and at 18, I took a break from swimming It was very, very hard time for me because all I knew was swimming. I didn't know how to spend my other free time, other than swimming. At 18, I had to make the decision to let swimming go and never in my life I thought that I would stop swimming. My goal was set for the Olympics. That was my dream ever since I was really young. And so to let that go, it was very hard, but honestly, I think God has His plans, you know, in order for me to really devote my life to Him, He got to take something out of my life that was taking up space, which was swimming. I'm not saying that all other athletes are not doing what God is asking them to do and pursue, but I truly believe that each and every single person has their own special and unique purpose and calling. And for me, it was hard to break up with swimming in a way, but there was so much needed for me to fully experience and live out and be a missionary for Christ. To know that Christ is with me, to know He is holding my hand, every single step of the way.

24:30 RACHEL: What I find to be just incredible is, you know, you talk about conversion of course of the first conversion to the faith, and then a deeper reversion, like you're saying and I'm sure there are many saints many wise people who have said this, but just this idea that like every day, every moment is conversion, it's reversion it's going deeper into our relationship with God. And those are such powerful moments that you share, you know, the first one, while you were in the projectionist's box, and then hearing that homily, and then, you know, receiving that six word message from a complete stranger like I had chills just hearing you recount that, but all of it comes back to this idea that God the Father, His love is so good, and it's one that fills every hole, every crevice, every gap that we might have and there's nothing in this world that can satisfy it. It really is only Him and you know I love how you were talking about is this idea that you had to, or He had to take something away, in order for you to really kind of come into that love and recognize that you don't need to be anything else, you don't need to be anyone else. You just need to be yourself and He who loves you, in spite of that. I want to like quickly shift gears like I had no idea that you were into swimming, so it just goes to show like how like nuanced and just deeply talented you are, because I know that how we got connected was through Instagram, through Catholic Instagram. But you were also a phenomenal visual artist and designer. I mean like I wish I could swim. I could draw, but I mean, I know the Lord has other things in store for me but I wanted to ask you like how you got interested in art.

26:23 AMANDA: Oh my goodness. It's funny to share, people comment so much, or say that my art is good because I grew up failing art.

26:35 RACHEL: No way!

26:36 AMANDA: I first was introduced to brush calligraphy and this was in 2016 or so, when I was getting through one of my summer jobs. Growing up in a Chinese school. My exposure to calligraphy is the first Chinese calligraphy and my artistic style or whatsoever is, it was so bad in calligraphy, that you know how exhibition art exhibition is like you display those that are good. Now was that bad that my primary school teacher, had me open my book, and walk around class because I was so bad that telling the my other classmates not to follow me, that was how bad I was. So I think ever since then my relationship with art, or anything artistic to do with my hands or anything crafty I had to fear, you know. So 2016 was just me, exploring it on YouTube and started buying my first brush pen, and I started following videos one by one, daily and I picked it up, it wasn't great. It's not something that I would put up somewhere in display but everyone has to start somewhere, I guess, and I think it was introduced to me in a much later stage in life where I know that God also has His plans because who knows that I'll be having this platform to share His Truth, the Gospel message. So it was then I started to practice, to allow some grace as well because I'm a perfectionist and so it definitely doesn't help whenever I create a bad art or you know. But then it also was a time for me to allow God to tell me to be patient. I did not know that it will lead up to this and whatever God has in store for City on a Hill. I'm just entrusting it to Him. But I think the journey has allowed me to be patient with myself and to trust in God's timing.

28:52 RACHEL: Absolutely, yeah and it just goes to show too that in His time, He was able to help you to become good at the craft, so to speak. So then from there, how did City on a Hill come to be, just because obviously you were practicing you were getting good at what you were doing, what was then the transition for you to take your art public?

AMANDA: I started the Instagram account called Little Flower Writes. St. Therese is is my patron saint. I had a really really close friendship with her, so I wanted everything to be with about her and you know, I was painting watercolour flowers at that time, so why not? So I started off as Little Flower Writes, and took a hiatus for months and months. This passion revisited, once again, and the idea of City on a Hill designed just came about. Maybe 2018, I visited my maternal grandmother in the Philippines. So where I was at that time was called Baguio. So it's like the highlands, the mountains, the hills and valleys and all. And at that time, my eyes were opened when I was making the journey towards my aunty's home. It felt like I was immersed in the whole salt and life story of how the Gospel of Matthew chapter five. It's like whoa, I am on the city on a hill in the city on a hill. There was like a breeze that was so refreshing and just little houses on hills, you know, different sizes, different beauty of it in itself, and especially at night, it was just lighted up the different light is a different intensity so some are brighter, some are really small and some are like you know, really tiny and it really blew my mind again like wow, it's such a beauty. And then again, it was just an experience that cool, I'm just part of a story like in a gospel, you know, and it was last year when before the pandemic, we really go full blown.

I was in Australia. I stayed in Australia for about half a year or so when I was studying in university. So there was when I was posting on Instagram and the Little Flower Writes, but last year when I visited Australia, I was walking through the neighbourhood and while the flowers that are so beautiful I saw like, they're so big as big as the palm of my hands. And as I was walking and just speaking to God, just having some time with Him, He just turn on a switch again like this at that point of time, I wasn't giving this account, or this space much attention to because that whole feeling like, man, the exposure of my post is not getting as good and not getting enough likes, and that whole cycle of toxicity of you been on social media, the good and the bad side of it, and it took a toll on me. And so I was like, oh my gosh I'm not gonna deal with this. So I took a break from it but then in Australia where God was once again, inviting me to revisit this passion and this seed that He planted with me in about four years ago 2016 until like last year. It was done where He spoke, "What happened? Where is this gift that I've given You that You just buried away?" and then the Parable of the Talents just came like, oh my goodness, what am I doing, why am I sharing what God has given me, and that whole doubt of, you know, I'm not an artist. I failed in arts, I cannot make it you know this is not you. This is not your space to excel.

But I tell you, Rachel, ever since I made that step, step by step to commit once again to create art that He wants me to create, words that He wants me to write and share. I tell you, like, really. Last year October when I first really launch my small business, I actually got my business registered and all. Wow, it was... doors are beginning to open, doors like these just to share my experience and journey so actually this podcast is time of an opportunity is really God's way of providing, God's way of letting us know that He is with me every step of the way. And no matter how what plans I have in mind is no comparison to what He has in mind because I'm here and I know, but He sees the whole bigger picture. And yeah. So it's a long journey of falling back, trusting in Him, picking myself back up and turning away from Him. And, yeah, sorry I'm just really really dumbfounded because I think this is my first time this year to probably vocalize, everything you know. And so when when I speak I'm also done followed by oh my gosh like God is... God has been such a blessing. And, yeah, yeah.

34:45 RACHEL: Wow, yeah I mean, yeah thanks be to God and like you said, just everything that He's been able to, to give you and like really work through you. And it's funny to just because one of the things that really drew me to your account of course like, aside from the artwork that was a given that it's so beautiful, but also you know City on a Hill I knew right when I read it but then of course as I did a little more research and I read through your site and whatnot, like I knew it was a tribute to Matthew 5:14-16, and it's funny just because you know it was this time last year that I also was really reflecting on that verse, especially, you know, being a light to the world. And I love that you were having that conversation with God and also your level of intimacy with Him is something that is so beautiful but just how He was able to say to you, you know, like, why are you hiding this gift that I've given you, and even says in that part of Matthew's Gospel, you know, we don't put a light and hide it under a bushel basket no like we wow but on a lamp stand for all people to see, so that other people will be able to glorify God and not us, we're like, we're not meant to be the light that people are drawn to and just be like oh wow like you know Rachel's so good, Amanda's so good, but hopefully it's through the work that we do so whether it's art or podcast, even swimming, like, whatever it is that we do that people are able to see us and glorify God. So I find that to be so remarkable and just how beautiful it is that you're able to do that.

36:25 AMANDA: Well thank you so much, I just got chills like you connected the dots, actually, when you mentioned like when God asked me why am I hiding and then I did not see the connection to the City on a Hill thing because at that point of time I was in that whole moment you know just like God is just simply asking why am I hiding but you connected it beautifully. Thank you so much, I just got chills from listening to that.

36:49 RACHEL: Oh, my pleasure, my pleasure. But yeah, Amanda, like obviously this podcast is called the Feminine Genius Podcast and I know that you've touched on a couple different aspects of, you know femininity, Catholic femininity and some of the difficult things that we do go through as a woman, but also in your own life, some of the triumphs that come about through our womanhood and I was wondering if you could share just in terms of your own feminine genius how you've seen that play out in your story in your life, what your feminine genius has looked like for you?

37:24 AMANDA: I think there was one time that it was a whole discussion was really hot topic on social media when it comes to like feminist and things like that. I didn't really think much about it. So, the whole aspect of feminine genius is actually pretty new to me, I would say. And so when I was reading up about it and knowing a little bit more, it's really really God just empowering us woman who He creates us to be. And in my own life as a competitive and athletic person right, I never see myself as a very feminine person. I was built with like, really muscular body. So I wouldn't consider myself as like, oh I'm very feminine, or you know, very gentle. So it was also a journey for me to embrace my own feminine side. Like, I've always felt like I can't wear that dress I can't be feminine because I'm so bulky, I'm so big, I'm so muscular and it is not for me. But when God slowly moved me and slowly guided me into this headspace and mind space that He created me as a woman and as a woman, there's just this instinct within us to want to want to nurture and want to care about something, and whatever that, that we are placed into our care or purview is just going to flourish. Just by us trusting in Him, leading us, and expressing ourselves as ourselves because when it comes to like art, I personally connect it to something very beautiful, you know. And because previously, that the words that surrounds me was like, oh, you look hot or you look sexy. And it doesn't really correlate with the whole femininity side of it. When I think about femininity, it's beautiful, pretty, very gentle in a way. So, this aspect of Feminine Genius I've seen God working in every single moment, actually, like in my calligraphy, and as I create and pack the orders, it's not second nature to me. So to learn this aspect of how to present something and to allow myself, that inner femininity and to discover that side of me as well so it's an ongoing journey I would say for me.

40:06 RACHEL: Wow, yeah what a beautiful reflection and I mean, to your point, there is no one way, it's not even right or wrong, but no one way. Whether it's like body type or what it is that you're interested in, you know, He uses all of it and I love how He has blessed you with so many different qualities and attributes and talents and how you're able to, like Our Lady, as you said "yes", share that back with the world. So, Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for your time today and just being able to hear your story, seeing a glimpse into your world, oh man, what a blessing.

40:47 AMANDA: Thank you so much Rachel.

40:49 RACHEL: Oh, of course. And Amanda, would you be able to lead us in a closing prayer?

40:54 AMANDA: Sure, I would love to! That would be amazing. Alright.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Heavenly God, we praise You and we glorify You for this beautiful day and beautiful night, where it is our listeners are tuning to Lord. You have called them, You have willed them into this world. And Lord, it is not just a coincidence, but a special Kairos moment that You are drawing them. Lord, we want to surrender our lives to You, our burdens to You, our struggles, our ups and our downs. And Lord, we want to recognize that You are in this moment, You are present every single step of the way. Help us, oh Lord, to manifest Your presence, Your love, Your joy, Your hope, Your peace to the people around us. Lord, You call us as women to bear fruits, to bear this beauty that no one else can portray. Help us, oh Lord, to discover more and more of our femininity and to give You the utmost glory, oh God. Whatever , Lord, that You are calling us to do, whatever career, whatever hobby, whatever passion, whatever promptings that You are leading us to, open our hearts to be sensitive and to respond to You in Grace, oh Lord. Lord as You mention in Matthew 5 that, you know, You are saying that we are light of the world and a city on a hill that cannot be hid. And Lord, I just pray in a very special way that all of us here listening may embrace our light within us, that Lord you will use us to be that light on a hill, to bring hope and to be that light in someone else's darkness. And may we let Your light shine that others may see You and not us. Lord help us and teach us to be humble, and to direct all glory to You, oh God. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

43:25 RACHEL: Amanda, thank you so, so much!

43:28 AMANDA: Thank you so much Rachel for the opportunity!

43:31 MUSIC

43:37 RACHEL: My thanks again to Amanda Lee for joining us on The Feminine Genius Podcast today. As mentioned, Amanda is my very first guest from outside of North America, and I am so grateful for her "yes" to coming on. So here is to many more guests from around the globe. You can find Amanda's artwork by checking out her website and by following her on Instagram @cityonahillco. I've left the links to these in the episode description below.

You can stay up to date with The Feminine Genius Podcast by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we're @femgeniuspod. And you can listen to this podcast wherever you find your podcast, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and many other platforms. All this information can be found on our home on the web,

We'll talk to you soon, and God bless, always!

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