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86. Giving Life Through Creating — with Vivienne Boddy

Vivienne Boddy with her husband Dominic and son Louie.

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About the episode

"We're all called to be life givers, we're all called to give life and to be creatives. And in that sense, we really do share in God's image and likeness in a special way." Vivienne Boddy's artwork is instantly recognizeable and beautiful. As she prepared to enter into a new season of her life as a mother, she started Garden of Her Womb, an Instagram account where she shares her artistic journey. For Vivienne, it is a way to share her reflections on faith, life as a mother, and her growing relationship with God. In this episode, Vivienne and I talk about how she got into art, what inspired her to go public with her artwork, and how she's seen her art as a vessel to grow closer to God.

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Meet Vivienne Boddy

Vivienne Boddy is a wife, mother, artist and educator based in Sydney, Australia. She is the founder and owner of Garden of Her Womb, a collection of artworks which depict her creative and spiritual journey through motherhood. Growing up in a Catholic family surrounded by strong female figures, Vivienne has always had a relationship with God and a strong sense of what it means to be a woman. She has always had a deep love for creating throughout her life and has always looked to God as the greatest artist of all time.

Since a young age, like all artists, her urge to create drove her to pursue her passions within the art world. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Education, majoring in painting and photography. Although she specialises in these mediums, she allows her work to be transdisciplinary and ever evolving. Her work is strongly connected to her Catholic Faith as it concerns themes relating to motherhood, human value and connections of life and death. Her dream is that her artworks find a special place in your home so you can grow closer to God within your heart.


Instagram: @gardenofherwomb

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