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87. A Champion for Human Fraternity — with Chenele Shaw

Chenele Shaw is a champion for human fraternity.

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About the episode

"We are all trying to eradicate a sin and replace it with a virtue, so let's all be on the same page." When she was younger, Chenele Shaw saw something in her peers that piqued her curiosity. After making some poor choices in her past, she made a conscious decision to reform her life and turn to God. This initial yes helped her grow in relationship with God and give witness to true human fraternity and she does this through groups like The Human Condition Community and Before Gethsemane Initiative. In this episode, Chenele shares her story of deepening her faith, being a champion for mental health awareness and racial reconciliation, and why it's important to have those difficult conversations to foster true human fraternity.

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Meet Chenele Shaw

Chenele Shaw is a former youth minister and theology teacher and a current young adult trying to live her life for Christ, frequent her therapist, and eat all the cheese! She desires to be her authentic self and help others to as well. Chenele has written for many Catholic publications including The Grotto Network and The Catholic Woman. She is a member of the board for The Human Condition Community which focuses on the integration of faith and mental health and is starting her own non profit, The Before Gethsemane Initiative, which will work to educate for an end to racism and xenophobia from an authentically Catholic understanding of the inherent dignity of the human person. Chenele is also working towards beginning her Masters of Education for clinical mental health counseling. In her free time you can find her watching reality TV, going to confession, and updating her Spotify playlists. Follow her on Instagram @chenele_k and say hey!


The Human Condition Community


Instagram: @thehumanconditioncommunity

Before Gethsemane Initiative


Instagram: @beforegethsemane

Ave Spotlight Podcast

Listen to Chenele host Ave Spotlight every week

Chenele was kind enough to host me on her podcast to talk about the feminine genius! Take a listen to the episode here.

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