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90. Embracing Femininity Through Wrestling — with Alexandria Glaudé

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About the episode

"Wrestling is what allowed me to come into my own and embrace who I am as a woman, and appreciate my body in the way that God made it." Alexandria Glaudé didn't seek out wrestling at first. In her words, "God wanted her to wrestle." She started wrestling in high school and quickly excelled in the sport, and has her sights set on wrestling for Team USA in the Olympics. Through the sport of wrestling and her biracial identity, she's come to learn a lot about herself, her femininity, and the ways God is calling on her to set the world on fire. In this episode, Alexandria and I talk about how God brought her into the sport of wrestling, how she's seen her femininity flourish within the sport, and how her multi-faceted identity puts her in a unique position to evangelize to those in the margins.

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Meet Alexandria Glaudé

Alexandria strives to live by the saying of St. Catherine of Siena, “be who God called you to be and you’ll set the world on fire.” Alexandria lives this saint's words out through various aspects of her life. Being a baptized Catholic, athlete, and biracial Black and Filipino young woman she has a unique and well rounded perspective of the world allowing her to evangelize to many on the margins. She also happens to be a wrestler for Team USA and an Olympic hopeful for the Paris 2024 Games. Alexandria graduated from Mckendree University in the Spring of 2020 with a double major in Sociology and Communication Studies and a minor in Ethnic Studies. During her time at McKendree, she competed for the women's wrestling team becoming a two-time collegiate national champion, multiple time age group world team member, and U23 Senior World Bronze medalist for Team USA.

“Bringing my relationship with Jesus into my wrestling has helped me overcome adversity on and off the Mat. Wrestling has become a way for me to showcase faith in action!"


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