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91. Sharing the Gospel ‘Hear’ and Now — with Sophia Lebano

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About the episode

"[Hearing loss] was something that became positive for me, knowing that whatever I was given, I would find a way through God's grace, obviously, to transform it into something good." As a girl growing up with progressive hearing loss, Sophia Lebano didn't always feel supported. Through a number of trials and moving schools, Sophia found that the one constant in her life was God and her faith, and she knew that to get through the challenges she would need to surrender everything to Him. God heard her prayer, and this sparked Sophia's life mission to spread the Gospel and advocate for those with hearing loss. In this episode, Sophia and I talk about her conviction in the Catholic faith, her work as an entrepreneur and the host of the podcast Hear and Now, and the movements of the Holy Spirit in her life.

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Meet Sophia Lebano

Sophia Lebano is a 20 year old blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, and business major at Franciscan University.

From ages 8 to 17, Sophia navigated her life with progressive hearing loss, until she underwent bilateral cochlear implant surgery in 2016 and 2018. Now, she proudly wears cochlear implants during her waking hours, without which she is profoundly deaf.

In August 2019, Sophia launched her podcast, Hear and Now, to document her journey of hearing loss and college as a young Catholic woman. In addition, Sophia works with brands to promote their products through her podcast, and Instagram.

Finally, Sophia is the CEO of Sophia Lebano Creative, LLC, a branding and website design agency for Christian women. After one year in business, Sophia added the title of “5 figure entrepreneur” to her resume.


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