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94. Embracing Our God-Given Worth — with Nicole Caruso

Nicole Caruso wearing a red pant suit, hands clasped and laughing.
Nicole Caruso is the author of the book "Worthy of Wearing".

Episode description | Listen to the episode | Meet Nicole Caruso

Episode description

"God is the author of beauty, and He gives us our feminine genius. He gives us our gifts and our mission, and it's so much bigger than just one industry." Nicole Caruso has always had a love for style, art and media. The intersection of her background working in the fashion industry along with her vocation of motherhood challenged her perceptions of beauty and what it means to be worthy, and this led her to start Worthy of Wearing, a movement that reminds women of their God-given worth that goes beyond output and productivity. In this episode, Nicole and I talk about her experiences working in fashion, how God brought together her love of her faith and fashion, and how Worthy of Wearing came to be.

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Meet Nicole Caruso

Nicole M. Caruso is a professional makeup artist and beauty consultant, former Beauty Editor of Verily Magazine, and homeschooling mother of 3. Nicole’s mission is to inspire women to invest in their self-worth with her movement #worthyofwearing. She wants women to live an integrated life where faith and style meet. On her website, she shares expert style and beauty advice, tips on healthy living, and reflections on marriage and motherhood. She and her husband are raising their family right outside Washington, DC.


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