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95. Unmasking the Truth, Goodness and Beauty of God — with April Garcia

April Garcia helps seekers unmask a life of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Episode description | Listen to the episode | Meet April Garcia

Episode description

"We need to really be naked before the Lord. We really need to bear everything before the Lord. He is ready to take every pain, every suffering, every blemish that you have, and He will turn it into grace. He will give you grace to go through that." April Garcia was raised Catholic but spent many years away from God and her faith. Her journey and searching brought her to a variety of different places, but ultimately she landed on the front lines of the New Evangelization. She now shares stories of conversion and uncovers the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith through the show Unmasked. In this episode, April shares about her journey back to the Catholic faith, why she felt called to start Unmasked, and the need for all of us to participate in the New Evangelization.

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Meet April Garcia

April Anne K. Garcia, also known as “A”, is a Filipina Catholic millennial who was greatly inspired by Christ to create The Unmasked Life, a social media page that aims to help seekers unmask and discover authentic Truth, authentic Goodness, and authentic Beauty that is ultimately rooted in our one, true, God - Jesus and His one, true, Church the Catholic Faith. Apart from that she is also the host of their online show “Your Story Unmasked”, where April talks to converts about their journey back home to the Catholic Faith.

Interestingly, April wasn’t always a believer, she grew up a lukewarm Catholic and eventually fell away from the faith because of the pain and questions that she had in her heart. But come 2015, after experiencing a rock bottom moment, she found herself running back to the arms of God and embraced Christ and His Church as the key and ultimate treasures and “loves” of her life. Right now, she is also in the midst of finishing her Masteral Degree in Religious Studies at Don Bosco School of Theology. Lastly, April believes that conversion is not just a one-time experience but a life-long journey that will lead a person in full communion with the Triune God in heaven – the fullness of life. And the way to the fullness is living out the Unmasked Life, a life of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, as what April firmly believes in and strives to live by as a Catholic Christian.


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