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96. Surrender, Dependence, and When Dreams Die — with Trisha de Souza

There is a side profile of guest Trisha de Souza. She is in the midst of drawing. In the foreground is her desk that has various art supplies strewn about.
"Lord, never let me think that I don't need you. Never let me forget that I need you."

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About the episode

"Our suffering sometimes gives us the capacity to understand what it means to be in heaven one day." Trisha de Souza had plans to work in politics and worked extremely hard towards that goal. But a series of health issues led to a major career shift and gave new life to an old hobby. This dramatic change led Trisha to grow in her dependence on God in the midst of life's challenges, as well as the reminder that this world is our ship, and not our home. In this episode, Trisha and I talk about the difficult health challenges she's had to endure, how she came to start her art business, and the important prayer that changed her perspective on God and His providence.

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Meet Trisha de Souza

Trisha de Souza is a freelance artist specializing in commissions and selling prints through her business Made Marion Illustrated. Trisha was born in Dubai but immigrated to Canada with her family in 2000. She studied at the University of Toronto specializing in Political Science and minoring in French and Spanish. Although she started her professional life working in politics and studying for her Masters in Public Policy, God had other plans for her, and in 2019 she transitioned to a full-time creative career. She works in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to: acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil and has also had the opportunity to work a little in digital art. Her goal with her business is to evangelize the world through beauty and to depict truth in a way that may soften and transform hearts. Her ultimate goal is to do the will of God in what He asks of her. She is based out of the Greater Toronto Area but will be moving to Austin, Texas at the beginning of 2022.


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