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97. Saint Friends from Heaven and Earth — with Claire Ellendson

Dead friend, pray for us! Claire Ellendson is host of the podcast Dead Friend Saints.

Episode description | Listen to the episode | Meet Claire Ellendson

Episode description

“The diversity of saints speaks to how big God is.” Claire Ellendson has a profound love for the saints, and aspires to learn as much as she can about her friends in heaven. One of the things that she’s come to appreciate is the ordinary-ness of some of these holy men and women, and through this appreciation, she’s grown in love of service and meeting people where they’re at, learning more about God’s unconditional love for us. In this episode, Claire shares her background in serving with NET Ministries, what she’s learned from working with folks with different abilities, and what inspired her to befriend the saints.

Listen to the episode

Meet Claire Ellendson

Claire Ellendson was born into a large family in southern Minnesota. She loves relational ministry and especially thrives in opportunities to support other women. Claire is inspired to a greater acceptance of God sanctifying love through the witness of the Saints, and creates a podcast called Dead Friend Saints as a response to that love. She also loves smoked chicken, decorating for Christmas and running into people she knows at the grocery store.


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