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98. Sharing the Gift of Theology of the Body — with Joy Katigbak

Joy Katigbak is a wife, mother and Theology of the Body speaker.

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Episode description

“As a human person, made male or female, your body tells you something. Your body tells you that you are created to be a gift: you are made for relationship.” Growing up in a culturally Catholic country, Joy Katigbak knows very well what it means to serve. As the Lord called her to work in ministry, she was invited to be docile and more open to Him. This openness made her instrumental in bringing Theology of the Body to her home country of the Philippines. Now, she shares this important message as a TOB speaker both locally and abroad. In this episode, Joy shares how ministry is deeply woven into her marriage and family life, how she first came to learn about Theology of the Body, and the importance of making a gift of ourselves to others.

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Meet Joy Katigbak

Joy Katigbak speaks and conducts workshops on the Theology of the Body. Based in the Philippines, she and her husband Aldy are active leaders of Couples for Christ, a Catholic international association of the lay faithful of pontifical right, where they have been serving for the past 26 years. Married for 29 years and blessed with four children, their family of Theology of the Body advocates strives to bring the good news of love and chastity to their Couples for Christ family and beyond, in actual talks and workshops or through intimate talks with friends.


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