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99. Giving Permission to Be Extraordinary — with Liv Harrison

Liv Harrison in her home studio filming an episode for It's Not That Late with Liv Harrison.

Episode description | Listen to the episode | Meet Liv Harrison

Episode description

“I want people to fall in love with people, and then they’ll want to know the creator because they’re falling in love with the art.” Liv Harrison is a powerhouse of a woman who has endured a number of crosses in her life. She is a captivating speaker and storyteller with a killer sense of humour, but above all, she is rooted in the truth of God’s love for her. Her goal is to encourage, inspire, and connect people to Jesus — and she does so with joy, laughter, and incredible courage. In this episode, Liv shares the relationship between her faith and weight loss journey, her desire to connect people together through the work she does, and why it’s so important to give ourselves permission to be extraordinary.

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Meet Liv Harrison

Liv Harrison is best known for being a professional speaker and emcee with a gift for humor and storytelling. In May of 2019, Liv successfully created and launched the Genius Catholic Women’s Conference. It was produced again in March 2020.

Currently, Liv is a co-host on the Forte Catholic Podcast, Discerning Marriage Podcast, and as of June 2020 the host of her own interview/storytelling podcast titled Talk to Me with Liv Harrison. Liv has been both a guest and co-host on Sirius XM and various other podcasts.

In July of 2021, It's Not That Late with Liv Harrison will become the first program produced from her new video/audio studio in Houston. The program is a "Late Night Show" that will be produced for video, audio, and radio, starting June 2021, and in partnership with Veritas Catholic Network in Connecticut/New York. Liv is married to the love of her life and high school sweetheart and she is the mother of two fantastic humans!


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