Episode 17—God's Grace Always Reigns

Jacqueline Loh (left) with Bishop Ronald Gilmore of Dodge City, Kansas. Together, they run Grace That Reigns.

I stumbled across Jacqueline Loh's story in a parish bulletin, where there was a brief notice about an upcoming retreat that she was giving. After a bit of research, I knew that I wanted to reach out to Jacqueline and learn more, and I'm so glad that I did!

As a trained landscape architect and ecological planner/designer, Jacqueline had a pretty comfortable life set up ahead of her. But as we know, God doesn't let us settle for comfort, and He pursued Jacqueline because He had something big planned for her. After a lot of running, Jacqueline let God in and let Him transform her life. She wrote to me afterwards saying, "I wish I could go back to [architecture] at times... because ministry work is not for faint hearts. Sure I'd like it the easy way.. lots of money without a lot of head aches. But I would never be at complete peace."

And I'll let Jacqueline tell the rest of her story, which was extremely profound:

"If you don't have any answers, walking in faith is hard. Surrendering is even harder, for someone like me. But I think what it showed me was how to completely give yourself to the Lord, because you know in your heart that there is something grander out ther for you." — Jacqueline Loh

Meet Jacqueline Loh

Jacqueline Loh is from the Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the founder of Grace That Reigns Society. She is a trained Landscape Architect and Ecological Planner/Designer. She also studied at the Augustine Institute of scripture and evangelization in Denver, Colorado.

Jacqueline's topics of interest include healing, understanding interior graces, renewing awe or wonder for the Lord, and bringing insights into the mystery of the priestly vocation.

Jacqueline has been involved in some facets of ministry life since 2000. It is through her powerful testimonies and witness on the many ways through which God's grace works in our daily lives that Jacqueline's ministry has become a source of healing to many. She introduces God’s love and reality in a manner that celebrates a person’s individuality and uniqueness. She  also, not only challenges both pastors and lay persons in their faith, but she helps to renew their sense of wonder and relationship with God in a way that is compelling. Her strength lies in her ability, as an instrument, to bring authenticity, witness and healing  to people that is both refreshing and effective.


You can learn more about Grace That Reigns by visiting their website and finding them on Facebook and Instagram. Keep tabs on their social media for updates, upcoming retreats, and amazing tools for ministry!

I also highly recommend Jacqueline's book, When Monday Comes! It's a great read that renewed my own sense of wonder, especially when the busy-ness of life caught up with me.