The Feminine Genius moves to bi-weekly episodes!

Hello friends! I hope that this finds you all well! As always, thank you so much for being a listener and supporter of The Feminine Genius Podcast. It warms my heart to talk to different people about the show and hear what has inspired them from the stories that they've heard on the show. A special thank you of course to all the women who I've interviewed so far, for their yes to sharing and being so vulnerable with me and the listeners!

As this project grows and changes, I find myself growing along with it. Lately I've been checking in with God to see how this is going and where we're off to next, and there are some pretty big dreams that are coming down the pipe that I can't wait to share with you. But of course, I also have to keep in mind my primary vocation as a student, and as that starts to pick up, I also need to honour my commitment to that.

So as a means of striking a balance, I will be moving The Feminine Genius Podcast to bi-weekly episodes. I will also be releasing new episodes on Mondays as opposed to Saturdays. The move to bi-weekly is just so that I can take some more time for myself in betwee episodes to work on the other things I need to work on, while also ensure that the proper amount of care can go into every single episode.

Even though the day and the frequency will change, what won't change is the heart behind The Feminine Genius Podcast, which is to celebrate women of God and their unique genius. It will continue to be a springboard for conversation and a means of inspiring others to seek what it is that God has stirred up in your own heart. And for that, I thank you for the trust and the support in sharing part of your day with the podcast!

The next episode will drop on Monday, November 18 - stay tuned and keep your calendars marked! For now, please do go back and listen to your favourite episodes and share them with your loved ones! You can listen and subscribe to The Feminine Genius wherever you listen to your podcasts, and you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @femgeniuspod.

May God bless you always, and see you on November 18!