Welcome to The Feminine Genius Podcast!

I am SO excited to share this podcast with all of you!

This podcast is a project that has been floating around in my head for a very long time — but only really started to bubble to the surface this past January. I was on mission with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) in Panama during the 2019 World Youth Day, and all these desires to highlight and share the amazing stories and witness of strong, Catholic women burned in my heart. I decided to go the podcast route as a way to let these women take ownership for their own stories.

One thing that people learn about me very quickly is that I love storytelling. I've had the opportunity to do that in a variety of media, including blogging, print journalism, radio broadcast and audio portraits. I've always loved human interest stories, and featuring the stories of amazing women in their fields was a no-brainer for me.

How did the name "The Feminine Genius Podcast" come about?

Through reading and listening to other Catholic podcasts, the term "feminine genius" had jumped out at me a number of times. When I finally decided that I was going to take concrete steps to make this podcast a reality, I knew that the first step was to come up with a name.

So I brought this to prayer, and instantly God blessed me. He said to me, "You already know what to name this project."

Sure enough, the name "The Feminine Genius Podcast" came quickly to me. It stuck in my brain, and the rest was history.

As I started to research, I came across Pope St. John Paul II's letter to women. This text became foundational for me as I thought about what I wanted this podcast to achieve for listeners. Regardless of who these women were and what they did, the simple fact of being a woman is reason enough to celebrate. As JPII said, "Through the insight which is so much a part of your womanhood you enrich the world's understanding and help to make human relations more honest and authentic."

And so, The Feminine Genius Podcast was born!

And so, I invite you to join me on this journey.

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Finally, if you have any questions about a past episode, want to suggest potential guests for future episodes, or just say hi, you can send me an email at femininegeniuspodcast@gmail.com!

Looking forward to sharing this with you all!


Yours in Christ,


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