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In a his 1995 letter to women, Pope St. John Paul II used the term “feminine genius” and the “genius of women” to highlight the importance of women. Women have done so much to advance society in different areas and fields. John Paul II goes onto say that women “exhibit a kind of affective, cultural and spiritual motherhood which has inestimable value for the value of the development of individuals and the future of society”.

Regardless of your vocation—married, religious, or single—YOU have a very special place and purpose in our society today.

It's time for us to show the world what we can do.

The Feminine Genius Podcast aims to engage conversation, provoke questions, and inspire action. As women, we're here to make a difference, and by listening to this podcast, we hope that you're inspired to make a difference and live out your faith more boldly.

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Necessary emphasis should be placed on the "genius of women", not only by considering great and famous women of the past or present, but also those ordinary women who reveal the gift of their womanhood by placing themselves at the service of others in their everyday lives. For in giving themselves to others each day women fulfil their deepest vocation.

- Pope St. John Paul II, Letter to Women (12), 1995